No One Can Save Themselves

I speak unto you this day and I say that no one can save themselves by their own righteousness, for the same is nothing but filthy rags before Me. When people imagine that by being a “good person” or behaving in a certain way they are saved, it is not true. In order to be saved from the inevitable penalty of sin, men, women, and children must repent and come unto Jesus Christ, My Son, as He is the way that I have provided for forgiveness of sins.

So many imagine that they can buy their way into heaven by doing good works, by making charitable donations to the church, by paying a priest to pray for them. However, none of these means is the entry in, for there are many ways that seem right unto people, but those ways are not My way.

I want those who desire to live their lives for Me to come into My kingdom through the door that I have provided, and as they do, then they are not cast out. Although people may imagine that they can save themselves, they cannot. It is My intention that as people accept My provision, they will find the joy that comes from being acquainted with My Son and learning to walk in His steps as the Holy Spirit leads and guides them every day.

Inasmuch as these are times of uncertainty, insecurity, and insanity, I do not want My people to be absorbed in a multitude of activities that will cause them sore distress and dismay. Rather, I want My people to comprehend how important it is that they keep their dependency in the right place and not try to buy insurance for the future, but to understand that I am their insurance.

Do not be imagining that by your “preparedness” you can save yourselves from the foreboding imaginations that multitudes are putting forth as the predicted happenings. However, many of these ones are false and are putting forth their predictions in order to gain fame and recognition for their fallacious predictions of things that won’t happen.

I do not call you to get involved in their assumptions, for the same are false and based on their imaginations and not the truth. It is by dependency on Me that My people will be given the hope that I alone can and do provide to the ones who are facing the unknown. Do not imagine that you must be in separation from Me and coming up short because you are delving into the falsehoods and lies of the messengers of darkness.

I want you to know that no matter how evil the world is, I the Living God do provide the pathway of righteousness for My people to walk in. As those who are Mine are remaining steadfast in My way, they will not be devoured and destroyed by the workers of wickedness who are rampant in these times.

It is not My intention that My people would take up the fear and terror that are being pushed forth by Media and her minions and assume that they must operate in accordance with the same. No, My people are meant to adhere to Me and believe that I am the One who is indeed well able and I will not withhold any good thing from them.

It is absolutely true that those who are in power over nations in these times are full of the drunkenness of pride and living under the confusion of their own craziness. However, that does not mean that My people are meant to be in subjectivity to such power-lusting fools and to take up their ways of insanity and profanity. As My people, you are meant to be covered by Me and directed daily by My Spirit and to be evidently peculiar to the world because you do not buy into their schemes and dreams.

Do not be ashamed to stand for Me and to know that I am the One who will bring you forth by a plain path and direct your steps. It is a good thing to keep your vision single, that is, upon Me, and to know that when it is Me that you look to, you are delivered from the control of the wicked. When you look at the dark clouds on the horizon and hear the predictions of the treachery that is coming, realize you can run into Me, for I am your safety.

It is not My intention that My people would tremble in terror; it is My intention that My people would maintain their faith and trust in Me, for I will make the way for them and ensure them of My goodness. Therefore, know that you do not need to grow weary in well doing; rather, you can come forth knowing of a surety that I AM who I say that I AM.

Stop and consider what I did to people at the Tower of Babel: I scattered them throughout the earth because they assumed that by building the tower they were safe. However, they were not safe, because they were trusting in themselves and their great feats of building as their protection from any calamities.

I do not want people trusting in their own abilities; I want people to be trusting in Me and seeing that I am well able and there is none who can stop Me. Therefore, rejoice for the days that are here and the days that are coming, for you do not need to be found in the fears that beset the heathen. Rather, you can behold My miracles and My mercies being brought forth as you are looking to Me as the author and the finisher, the beginning and the end.

It is not through your own strength that you are saved; it is by trusting in Me and obeying the commands given to you by the Holy Spirit. As the warriors for My righteousness, you will find peace, strength, and safety continually in Me. I love to show you what I can and will do for you in these times of treachery, terror, and the horrendous revelation of the wickedness that is in the rulers of this world. Trust not in men; trust in Me and live in My mercies.