Departed and Retarded

I speak unto you this day and I say: When people are choosing to depart from Me, they become retarded in their growth and development. While in these times people are assuming that they are so smart, they are actually not smart at all, for they have chosen to dumb down and are living in delusion. As they are caught up in their techno traps, they believe themselves to be so smart because they can push buttons and instantly read or see anything they want. However, none of that means that they are right with Me, nor does it mean that they are coming forth in the way that I have intended for them. Instead, they are found bound in darkness and are growing more and more ignorant of the devil and his devices.

When any people depart from Me, they will be under delusion and confusion, and while they are wanting to believe that they are doing oh so great, they are not doing great at all. In fact, they are becoming increasingly more vexed because they have chosen to live in iniquity and insanity. Those who once lived for Me and then departed do not increase in godly wisdom, for they become retarded under the demonic coverings they choose.

The reality is that when I have people covered and they are pleasing to Me, they are provided for and protected by Me, and I increase them in wisdom and godly knowledge because they are being instructed by My Spirit. Their lives are increasingly more and more stable, and they are found able to give Me thanks and praise at all times.

Yet, when people grow bored with My way and decide that they want to go another way, where do they end up in the same? They end up sorely vexed and troubled by their own choices against Me and unable to even adhere to the truth they once loved. Because they have thrown off the covering that I wanted them to live under, they are blinded, dull, and dumb. They are not able to differentiate between good and evil because they have been blinded by the god of this world, the devil. They are no longer willing to be under the covering of My Spirit’s mind but have chosen to live under the covering of the dumb and dull mind that will leave them retarded and resentful.

If you look at the condition of multitudes in these times who have thrown off all semblance of serving Me, what do you see? By their departure from Me and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, they are directed by demons. Do not think that demons want people to be making progress. They do not. In fact, they want them to regress to a condition of ignorance, poverty, insecurity, and subjectivity to insanity.

In the world as it is now, how many people are there who have departed from Me and become so retarded that they cannot even come above being hopeless, helpless, and homeless? Do not even imagine that I put them in such a condition. I do not. They are putting themselves there because they are rebellious against Me.

These ones who have yielded to rebellion become increasingly more retarded and dependent on others to care for them. While many of them are able bodied yet severely addicted to drugs, alcohol, and unclean, excessive, and perverse sexuality, they are more dumb than those who are naturally retarded by birth.

There is really no excuse for the way that people end up when they deliberately choose against Me. Stop and consider that even some who have amassed great riches are not immune, for as time and age take over, they are shown to be absolutely retarded, for they departed from any adherence to Me.

The current leader and his wife are presenting the perfect picture of an elderly man losing his mind, becoming like a spoiled child, and the wife becoming his directing mother. The symbolism in such decay is evident of the condition of the nation that was once considered to be one of the most respected, intelligent, and efficient nations on earth.

The quality of life has greatly deteriorated, and the multitudes are busily pursuing economic goals that are never achieved, and by unwise decisions, many become a part of the vast destitute and despondent multitudes who live in poverty on the streets of many large cities across the nation.

The decay and debauchery are evident, and the leadership adds fuel to the fire by inviting thousands to invade weekly and giving them benefits that the home-born never receive. All of this is an effort by the retarded ruler and his queen mother who desire to remain in rule forever to keep their possessions and gain more prosperity.

With such appearances as plainly display senior senility gone into retardation, it becomes more and more evident that there is a complete lack of reality over the demonized ruler and his greedy wife. Both of these people want nothing except to further bleed the nation they are attempting to destroy literally, while all they do is absolutely insane, and demonstrating their cruelty and vicious warfare against the just who are not ashamed of Me. Both of these individuals are filled with the darkness of their own way, which will bring them to ruination.

Those who will not turn aside from Me will be kept by Me, and My Spirit will lead them forth in the way of increase of godly wisdom and knowledge, and they shall be uplifted and kept in the place that is pleasing to Me. On the other hand, those who depart from Me will be deviated into the mire of their own making and find themselves in ruination and devastation by the same. Be thankful that you can and will be kept as you follow My Spirit.