The Wicked Will Be Wiped Out

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not be weary in well doing; simply continue to trust, to believe, and to hope in Me, for I will wipe out the wicked and they shall be remembered no more. It is not My intention that those who are Mine would grow impatient and imagine that I the Living God do not care what happens to them. I do care and I will guide them forth in the way that is life eternal.

There are many who start out to follow in My way, yet when persecution arises, they become convinced that I have forgotten them, when I have not forgotten them at all. Rather, I want to teach them endurance and steadfast love for Me. However, because they do not believe that they should be persecuted, they lose confidence in Me. Then they turn away from the path that I have put before them and they take up another way that is destructive because they compromise with the enemies. However, in such choices, they prove that it is not Me that they love but rather that they are loving themselves and choosing to keep their lives rather than yielding their lives to Me.

These ones who make choices for death rather than life are among the ones who become enemies of My purposes and join the ranks of those who are busy about the devil’s business and persecute the righteous. While they imagine that they are doing the world “great justice,” in reality they are proven to be cowards who have returned again unto bondage. These ones are like captives of sin who were set free by the blood of Jesus, but then return to captivity and proclaim it to be a better way.

While such ones are enjoying the glory of their return to death, the door soon closes, and they come sooner or later to the revelation that they are again trapped and cannot escape. In their captivity, they become increasingly more bitter and accusatory. Oftentimes, they are unable to establish good and lasting relationships, and they find themselves ensnared in the criminality of carnality, as they are in bondage far worse than before. Their lives do not improve when they depart from Me; their lives prove that they have chosen lies above the truth, and their sufferings are greater.

I give to such ones a time and a season to repent and return to Me, and if they continually harden their hearts and increase in their opposition to Me, My Son, My Spirit, and My people, then they will be encased in darkness. What people choose is what they will receive, and those who are choosing for wickedness will be wiped out.

This truth is being graphically and openly displayed in these times when there have been many evil men and women who have hastened the agenda of death and destruction over the land. Because these ones have loved themselves, they have lived selfishly and wanted only to have their own way. Their choice to live in wickedness rather than righteousness will prove to be the very thing that causes them to lose their great thrones as they will be pulled down by their comrades in the cannibalistic carnage coming.

When I declare that the wicked will be wiped out, they will suffer at the hands of those they thought would remain loyal to their schemes and dreams. When the wicked are exposed in their decline, then most of their associates who are shape-shifting demonized fools will turn on the wicked and devour them.

When you see the wicked being wiped out by their own comrades, do not have pity on them, for the times of their demise are ordained by Me. Know that I am fully aware of the wickedness being brought forth daily by men and women who are destined for damnation. Those who have caused much trouble to the righteous and wanted to see My own people fully devastated and destroyed will find that their evil is returned to them. You will live to see them wiped out and left in total ruination, then facing their eternal destination of damnation.

I do not intend to turn back from My intentions towards the wicked, for I give them more than sufficient time to repent. However, because they are encased and entombed in pride, they will be dethroned and devoured by the wolves who are in their pack. As there is no loyalty among thieves, each who turns on them will attempt to “grab their share” of the fortunes of the wicked who had it all, or so they imagined.

Stop and consider that I the Living God have destroyed the wicked, and those who are digging in the dirt of the past are finding the rubble of ruined peoples, tribes, and nations who were wicked in My sight. It is Me the Living God who allowed them to be utterly wiped out, and the ruins of such are found with the passing of time and the shifting of sands. Do I regret that they were wiped out? No, because the sins and abominations that they committed were a disgust to Me and infectious likewise. It was, and still is, My mercy when I bring down the wicked and wipe them out.

I do not want you to ever be envious of the wicked, for their end is destruction and damnation, and they will know the agonies of the damned forever in hell. None of what they gained by their evil means on earth will be able to help them, for they have lost it all. The only remembrance they will have is of the times they could have repented but, in their pride, refused to do so.

This is the time to look in hope and expectation, for I will wipe out the wicked and they will be as withered grass blown unto the wind. Thank Me and praise Me that vengeance belongs to Me and I am just.