A Divided Kingdom Destroys Itself

I speak unto you this day and I say that a divided kingdom will destroy itself, and the evils causing the division will continue even after the kingdom is brought down. If you look at the current condition of the nation, it is in the process of self-destruction because the divisions are growing stronger each day as the insanity that is presented as the ultimate is in decay.

It is not My intention that leaders would grow so distant from Me that they guide the very kingdoms, nations, and territories they rule into complete ruination and self-destruction. However, that is exactly what is happening in these times because those in rule have grown so deluded and drunk on pride that they are causing many sorrows to befall the people that they bear rule over.

No longer can a true believer trust in the national rulers. This is the cartel that has the country in discord and division and is unwilling to release their stranglehold. The consequence of this inward turmoil is to bring many people into despair and despondency as they are troubled by the way that things are, yet they cannot do anything about the troubles that are at hand.

I do not want My people to be caught up in these traumas and dramas because of the uncertainty, instability, insecurity, and insanity that are so plainly evident. Multitudes are turning to the devices of sin and being swept up in the same because they have not looked to Me as the One who can provide for and protect them. Instead, they are yielding themselves to the solutions and pacifiers that the devil and his demons offer, and those very sinful solutions will cause them further distress and depression will set in.

I do not want My people to go down under the pressures of these times when the wicked are showing their cannibalistic carnage in full array and they are devouring one another. Rather, I want My people to run into Me as their high tower of strength and safety and to be replenished and refreshed in order to continue to fight the good fight of faith.

In these times, do not give way to the waves of the sea of iniquity that are sweeping over the land as a non-stop tsunami that is wreaking and rendering havoc among the multitudes of displaced persons. Instead, keep your footing in Me and refuse to budge from the place of strength that I give to you.

When you have made up your minds to follow Me, then you will not be easily taken in the attempts of demonic forces to overwhelm you and bring you to ruination. Instead, you will be seeing that this is not your permanent nation, but rather that you are the citizens of My kingdom and that you are meant to be doing My business rather than the business of fools. Be thankful this day that as you are looking to Me, you will not be taken down. Rather, you will be uplifted. Then, being above the enemies, you are enabled to rejoice and give Me perpetual thanks and praise for the mercies and miracles I give to you as you remain faithful to Me.

Be aware that I am exposing as never before the evil of the workers of wickedness who have taken over to bring about division and the encroaching destruction that is deteriorating the foundation of the nation. Realize that when the nation is intent on the course of inward deep division, in such condition it is prey for the power-hungry idiots who already rule over other nations.

In these times, the pride that is a plague among rulers is bringing forth many troubles to nations, and yet these rulers abhor humility. This is because they are drunk on pride and power lust and can never be satisfied. The sinfulness of the rulers is ever increasing as they use their positions of power to cause troubles continually and keep people caught up in fear and anxiety. When people are under the control of fear, they are perpetually in torment and are willing to yield themselves over to be ruled in cruelty and debauchery. More and more corruption and criminality invade and cause the common people to suffer the consequences of the invitation to criminals to invade the nation.

Consider this day that I do not want My people to be fearful; I want them to be faithful and full of confidence in Me, for I am the One who makes the way for them in this confusion and delusion. I likewise want My people to not be afraid to see how many shape-shifting witches, warlocks, werewolves, and ghouls are actually possessing anyone they can to bring down the nation.

When My people are not driven by demonic fear, they are enabled to gain more faith and confidence in Me in such times. Therefore, do not be full of fear and anxiety about the future. Simply realize that I am the One who is your Creator and your Keeper, and you can lead others to faith in Me. The wisest strategy that I give to you is to keep steadfastly in the battle for souls and bring as many out of captivity who will hear and obey the call to repent.

You are not meant to be weak and enfeebled when the enemy attacks you; you are meant to be strong in the power that I provide, and resist, rebuke, and refuse to be defeated. I do not want My people to see themselves as victims; I want them to see themselves as the victors that will prevail and overcome the forces of darkness by living in and proclaiming My righteousness.

Remember, when the times appear the darkest, there is on the horizon the dawning of a new day, and the Son of righteousness will arise, and those who come to Him will arise as new creatures in new life. As people are listening to the call to repent and obeying the same, they will be able to be united in faith, love for one another, and, most of all, strong confidence in Me.