Protected by My Shield of Love

I speak unto you this day and I tell you of a surety that I do not intend for you to be afraid in these times of uncertainty, perversity, and insanity. This is because it is Me the Living God who keeps you protected by My shield of love, and it is Me who sends My Spirit to direct and guide you each day. Keep this in mind and do not let the fiery darts or arrows of the enemy come upon you and fill you with the poison of fear and unbelief. You are meant to use the shield that I have given to you, which is My love and faith never ending in Me.

My people are not meant to be trembling in the fears that are constantly bombarding those who do not put their trust in Me. Yes, it is true that the times are uncertain, and perversion, confusion, delusion, and craziness are easily available to all who will collapse to the enemy’s agenda. However, those who are Mine are not meant to collapse, nor are they meant to crumble in the winds of erosion that are sweeping across the land. My people are called and chosen to be warriors for righteousness, and they are meant to do as My Spirit gives them commands and directives each day.

Therefore, in these times of gross and increasing wickedness, do not be destroyed by the times nor by the demons present in these times. Instead, keep your vision upon Me as the author and the finisher, the beginning and the end, the One you are meant to look to and obey as I give you My way. It is foolishness to persist and insist on having things your way when I want you to walk My way. If you are steadfastly keeping yourselves in Me, then you are led forth by Me and given My light upon the path.

Be aware that there are many deceiving spirits being brought in during these times of mass and undefined invasion that is being promoted and sanctioned by the government. Inasmuch as these are demonic powers that you are not familiar with, you need My Spirit to give you discernment over the same that you are not sucked into their web of deceit. Keeping this in mind, do not waver in your confidence in Me, but remain steadfast in your faith and confidence in Me and be in obedience to My Spirit’s commands.

There are spirits that are a part of this invading army that are completely cold blooded and murderous and have been from the days of antiquity. Such spirits are constantly raging against the truth because they have held entire nations and tribes in total captivity to lies and the deceitfulness of idolatry.

There is of course a full-scale attempt to completely do away with true faith in Me, and these invaders are well equipped with witchcraft, shape shifting, idol worship, and abominations of religious practice. They are honoring the creation while they are ignoring Me, the very Creator of heaven and earth as well as every living creature. Inasmuch as they want to persuade others to pursue the course of the same madness that they are on, they will try and set themselves up in positions of authority so as to control others.

Of course, when the rule over the nation is absolutely determined to bring total and complete ruination to the very nation that has made them rich, that is insanity. Do not allow such things to shake you in your confidence and trust in Me. Rather keep single and look to Me as the One you serve each day, and know that I will not leave you defenseless, for you have the shield of My love, which is your faith to protect you from the poison which these invading demons are full of. I do not want you to assume that you are to be needy of the “skills and abilities” of the invading army; I want you to know that I am your source and I will supply you with what you need.

Inasmuch as many are slothful about their spiritual lives, they will leave themselves open to every invading demonic force and imagine that they have come into “something far greater than Me.” No, they have opened themselves up to full-scale invasion and they are the ones who will end up in despair and desolation by the same.

I do not want My people to be lazy and slothful about their spiritual lives, whereby they are consumed and overwhelmed by lies. I want My people to be uplifted and dedicated to Me as the One they love and choose each day to please. It is only those who are too lazy who do not want to pursue the course that I have put before them, and by their sloth, they prove that they are not loving Me. The ones who are truly loving and choosing Me are willing to stand against the enemy invasion and not be easily swept up into the deceptions being promoted.

My warriors for righteousness will see the need for revolution against sin, wickedness, and the persuasion of perversion. This perverse persuasion is taking men, women, and children into the absolute insanity whereby they are confused as to or even lose their gender identity. Then, in such a state, they are consumed by the deceitfulness that these demons bring them into. The warriors for righteousness will stand adamant against such forces and expose them for what they are and not back down from the same.

Why not be glad that it is Me that you are serving each day and that you can come forth ever uplifted, directed, and guided in My way? Keep on using the shield of My love and living in the peace of My protection over you. Do not think that it is your obligation to befriend those who are sent to devour and destroy. Rather realize that you can be so open-minded that you open yourselves up to destruction. I do not call you to be open-minded; I call you to keep your minds subject to the mind of My Spirit, being kept in Me.