Run into Me and Be Kept

I speak unto you this day and I say that I am your high tower of strength and safety, and you can run into Me and be kept in these times of instability and insanity. You are not meant to lose courage but rather to see that I will refresh you and give you new courage as you look to Me as the One you are meant to serve, please, and obey.

My mercies are new every morning, and My Spirit is waiting for you to come in and be fed. Know that I do supply to you every day exactly what you need, and I will not hesitate to provide repeatedly the substance of strength that it is My joy to give to you. Therefore know of a surety that there is no good thing that I will withhold from those who will walk uprightly in Me.

Sad to say, in these times of gross wickedness over the nation, the majority are shunning righteousness and choosing to be engulfed in the wickedness that is present to invite, entice, and enchant any who will fall for the traps. The wicked are always striving to bring others into the same death traps that they are in because they want others to be destroyed and devoured likewise.

I do not want you to be devoured and destroyed; I want you to be uplifted and brought forth ever encouraged and encouraging others to trust Me. Stop and consider that I do not want My people to lose courage; I want them to be gaining new courage each day as I feed them with the bread of heaven.

When My people are looking to Me, they will be guided as well as directed and corrected by My Spirit. If they are running into Me, they will not be battered and beaten down by the demonic oppressors that are wanting to crush the righteous. I do not want My people to be discouraged, downtrodden, distressed and depressed because of the raging of demonic oppressors. Rather, I want My people to understand that they can run into Me and be kept, for I am the high tower of strength and safety.

Do not think that I want you so “informed” by listening to the world’s news that you become deformed by the same, that is, you are no longer in balance and harmony because you are far from the way that I intend for you to walk in. Consider that whenever anyone feeds off of the world’s table, they will be partaking of the poison of the same. The world at this time is in the hands of cruel, oppressive, power-lusting insane idiots who are driven by demons of insatiable lust for more and more. These demented men and women are oppressing the poor and devouring anything and anyone they can in order to achieve their goals.

Because of the continuing darkness that people are in, they are stumbling and falling constantly because they cannot find sure footing. I do not find pleasure in seeing people in such conditions, for I did not call them to live in such a way. I have intended for people to come into the light, the life, and the love that I have intended for them. It is My desire for people to be uplifted and able to rejoice that it is Me that they serve and it is Me who will protect and provide for them.

However, when My people are feeding off of the world’s table, they are being slowly poisoned and are taking in all manner of evil spirits, and their faith is devoured by the same. I do not want you to be without faith and confidence in Me and groping in darkness, nor do I want you to be in the clutches of the workers of wickedness who are ever abounding in these times.

There are multitudes of those who are practicing the black arts of evil and are attempting to control others and take them under the coverings of witchcraft, sorcery, and magic. While the devil and his demons are offering “great mysteries,” know that their lies are only sent to draw in those who will listen to their delusions and be captivated by the same. Those who are not found under My covering are open prey for every evil force that wants to devour and destroy their lives. Remember, the devil’s agenda remains ‘kill, steal, and destroy,’ and he and his demon forces are ever doing just that. Be aware that I have never intended for you to be consumed by such forces; I have intended for you to keep your focus on Me.

Do not be as those who are willfully stubborn and resistant towards Me and will lose their souls in their rebellious revolution against Me. While such fools are wise in their own eyes, they have been blinded by the devil and they are led about by demon forces who direct their motivations, reactions, and literally their actions. There are multitudes who have committed gross and hideous crimes while under the influences and directives of demons. They do not realize that they literally were captives, and their minds and actions were controlled by masters of wickedness.

The nation that you are in is greatly infected with drugs, and vast multitudes are swept up by the sorcery that entices them to use more and more of the substances that alter their minds, bodies, and souls. As people are captivated and deluded, they are led into the abyss of addiction and then become driven by those forces both day and night. No longer are they able to think and act as though they had any sense, for they are lost in the world of delusion and live under confusion, being driven day after day by demons.

If this wickedness is not stopped, the agenda of nationwide massacre will go into effect. It is intended that the vast armies of hopeless, helpless, drug-crazed homeless will be slaughtered by the power-possessed elite who see them as vermin in need of destruction. Run into Me and be kept.