Will You Welcome Me?

I speak unto you this day and I ask you: Will you welcome Me? That is, when I the Living God do restore you and give you peace, will you welcome Me to live among you and receive My Spirit’s commands with joy? I want a people that I can pour My Love on, a people who know that I am their God and that they belong to Me. I do not want to live in the midst of a filthy, lying, insane people and be defiled and repulsed by their sins. I want to live in the midst of a holy people who are dedicated unto Me and desire to walk in My Way and not be found among the foolish who are degraded by sin.

This does not mean that I will close up My bowels of mercy and refuse to allow sinners to be saved. No, this means that I am desirous of a people that are Mine and Mine alone who are not longing after other gods, other masters. It has been and still is My longing for a people who will welcome Me and not be stubborn and resistant against Me because they want their own way that will end them in destruction and damnation. Be aware that I do not call My people to be damned; I call them to be saved and to rejoice each day that they are saved from the putrid defilement of these times.

If you had eyes opened to the spirit dimension, you would see the number of transgressors is monumental in these times because people have grown proud and defiant. As they are filled with the ignorance of pride, they are contemptuous towards Me, My Son, My Spirit, My messengers, and My Word. In such a condition, they are far from Me and they love it so because they want their wickedness above My righteousness. When any people, tribe, or nation reaches such a condition, they become targets for My wrath, fury, and indignation because they are choosing in opposition to My Spirit.

I have already put My Holy Spirit in the world to convict people of their sins. When people are refusing the conviction of My Spirit and refusing the call to repent and return to Me as their Creator, they are no longer eligible for My kingdom, for they want the kingdom of the devil and his demons. Stop and consider how offensive that is to Me, for I am the Almighty and I am the One who has given to all peoples the opportunity to live in Me through the door: Jesus Christ, My only begotten Son.

This is a time when multitudes will be found under great misery because they have rejected the mercy that I desired to give unto them. Do not be found among such ones as though they had something to give to you. These ones have nothing to give to you, for they are bound in transgressions and steeped in sins. While they will brag and boast of their “wonderful lives,” they will find that the cup they have chosen is bitter and it will leave them in absolute desolation and desperation. Because they have set their faces diamond hard against Me, My Spirit will not hover over them, and they shall be left alone in their prison houses of shame, with no one to blame.

In the dumbness of their choices against Me, such ones prove that they are rebels who are refusing the life, the light, and the love that I had for them. When people are of this category, they are turned over to the tormentors who will rule them in eternity in the very hell they are choosing. Of course, such ones will come to see that they are guilty of their choices against Me, but because they have hardened their hearts and stiffened their necks, they are left in desolation to face damnation.

There will be none who can help them out of the calamities that will be their cup in this life and in the life to come. They will never taste of the joy and gratitude that is the cup of My true and faithful followers. Instead, they will drink the continual waters of bitterness and be found in the endless agonies and torments of the demonic powers that rule them.

Be serving Me each day in gratitude that you have not been put into the hands of demons but rather are held up in My hands and given My light upon your path each and every day because you are serving Me. When it is Me that you are choosing, you absolutely are not losing out with Me, because I am the safety and the strength that you have need of.

Be glad that you are enabled by My presence to be given the bread of life each and every day. I do not want you to eat the unclean food of the world, which will leave you empty. I want you to eat of the living bread of heaven that I give to you each day when you welcome Me and I live among you.

If you stop and reflect on how privileged you really are, you will be humbled to be ever glad that I am your Maker and your Keeper. You will not resist Me as your Creator as you will understand your need of Me. Inasmuch as you have seen what demons do to the dumb who are manipulated and controlled by their powers, be rejoicing to be under My Holy Spirit power. It is intended in these times that My people would be regathered and reestablished in the glory of the latter house that they are a sign and a wonder to all who see them, for it will be evident that I dwell among them.

Therefore keep in mind that I am the Almighty and I have chosen you as the people of My pleasure, and I want to be welcomed to live among you and be with you each day. Do not be as the rude and crude who are full of darkness and wickedness. Be as the ones who want righteousness and have been fighting for the return of the same and want My rule over them. Welcome My Spirit’s directives and commands that are given daily to you as the very living bread sent to strengthen and empower those who want My rule.