Tonight You Die

I speak unto you this day and I say: How foolish are the rich people of this earth who are only concerned with the here and now and not the hereafter! It is Me the Living God who desires that My created human beings would recognize Me and store up their riches in My kingdom.

In the bank in heaven, the riches of each person are secure and safe from the hands of thieves and liars. However, those who are storing their riches on earth brag about what they have and must build bigger storehouses for the same. They do not take any thought for the future and where they will spend eternity.

Fools they are, and they do not realize that I could say to them, “Tonight you die.” Then all that they have accumulated will amount to nothing, and their plans for the “good life” will be over. Nothing will face them except the judgment, when they will be hurled into hell, and none of their riches will buy them out of the torments and everlasting anguish they will find themselves in.

There are endless rich men and women who are in hell even now because they chose to have the carnal riches of this world above the eternal riches that they could have had in Me. Such ones as these are fools in My sight, and they are not able to live their lives again. There is no such thing as reincarnation, and those who believe in such fallacies are deceived. No priest can be paid to pray people out of purgatory, for the same is the crafty invention of those who want to make money off those who pay for prayers.

The reality is that the real life, which is only found through salvation in My Son Jesus, is not found in these carnal riches, nor in the things that money can buy. The only way to have the real treasure is to come into salvation by repenting unto Jesus and choosing to live for My way.

The way that I provide for men, women, and children to live for Me is Jesus. When any surrenders their lives to Him, they enter into the way that is beautiful and everlasting. If they keep themselves clean from the deceitfulness of the riches of the world and its empty values, then they can become rich in the everlasting riches of My kingdom.

Do not be as the foolish of this generation who are claiming to believe in My Son Jesus Christ yet have no true love for Him. They go the world’s ways because they love the world. Such ones are dumb and blind because they are covered by the deceit of the world and have not kept their hearts with diligence for Me.

I do not want My people to be classified as unfit because they base their lives on the emptiness that the world offers and live in the delusions of the same. If you stop and consider that the nation has fallen into the hands of those who are insane and only look to gain their own insatiable greed for more and more riches, you see that their end is ugly. Because they sow continually to the flesh, they shall of the same reap corruption.

I do not want My people to be dumb and blind, seeking after those things that will bring them into condemnation. I want My people to be living according to the commands and dictates of My Holy Spirit and to reflect the light of My kingdom.

The world is full of deceptions put forth by the devil and his demonic forces, and all who choose to be under them are choosing for their own damnation. I do not want My people to be found in the company of the damned; I want them to be in the company of the redeemed and knowing that they are pleasing unto Me.

Therefore realize this: When you have interaction with the world’s people, you are not meant to take on their values. Rather, you are to shine forth as lights in the midst of this sin-sick, dark and dying generation. Do not back up from proclaiming the truth, for you know not who will have an ear to hear and receive the seeds of life.

It is not My intention that those who are loving Me would be led astray and go out of My way because they get eyes full of adultery and pursue the same. This day, put your money where your mouth is, and if you are claiming that you love Me, then put your carnal riches into the furtherance of My kingdom and give to those who are in need and are your brothers and sisters in Me.

I do not want those who watch over your souls and make efforts to feed you the sustaining bread to be left without support from you who benefit. While you can waste revenues on the world and its nonsense, consider carefully that it is Me who gives you the ability to even gain any carnal riches. Do not by any means be found as those to whom I will say, “Tonight you die,” and find that you are destitute before Me. Consider that a flood can come and wash away all that you have accumulated, or a fire can burn it all down. Then, when this has happened, where will you stand in the end?

My Spirit is given to you to lead and guide you in the way that I want you to be in. Therefore be eager to listen and obey the commands that are given to you daily. Make the Spirit your constant companion, and realize that each and every day you can come forth knowing how glorious it is to live in My way and partake of the abundance I give.

When I give to My people and they maintain the attitude of gratitude, they will not be found in the fearfulness and faithlessness that haunts the ungodly. Rather, they will be living each day in obedience for the privilege to be redeemed and given the opportunity to live again in My way not their own.

Give Me thanks and praise this day that you are living in the way that is eternal and everlasting and that you are alive and active for Me.