Motivation Activation

I speak unto you this day and I say that I desire that you would activate your motivation for My purposes by putting your faith into more than mere words. As My warriors for righteousness, you are to resist and refuse to be participants in the hear-and-never-do, slothful so-called believers. Rather, you are to believe and obey the commands of My Spirit that you become active doers of My Word, not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.

Be aware that I am searching for those who will actively declare Me for who I am and be willing to stand for My righteousness in a world filled with wickedness, when those who imagine that they are almighty are full of evil. Those who are workers of wickedness hate the truth, and they likewise hate the messengers who bring the truth. Therefore, be prepared as warriors for righteousness to be evil spoken of and to be publicly maligned, undergoing character mutilation by the words of those who are of the world.

There are many who are ready to take up arms against and even kill the ones who are bearing My message to this wicked and perverse generation. Because the people of these times are so steeped in demonically inspired rhetoric, they believe the same and do not have any respect for Me, My Son, the Holy Spirit, and My messengers. They consider them as threats to freedom and national security. Likewise, they will persecute, prosecute and put in prison those who are standing strong for Me.

However, I do not want My people to withdraw from the battle because of these factors. The workers of wickedness need to be openly exposed for the shape-shifting masters of deceitful witchcraft, sorcery, and magic that they are.

Far too many of those who are claiming to be believers or Christians are not doing anything for the furtherance of My kingdom. They prefer to be merely hearers and talkers, yet they do not put into activation the motivation they believe themselves to have. They are like the ones who make a long list of New Year resolutions, only to discard the list after a few days or even hours. To put into activation the motivation to be real in Me takes the effort of those who are professing to be My people.

Do not be like those who have settled into a religious rut and believe that they are just fine in the same. They are not fine; they are fools, for they are believing that they are doing just great, when they are not. Therefore, in these times of pretension and delusion, be thankful that you do not need to be living in confusion but can be motivated and activated for My kingdom.

There are endless multitudes in these times who are going to find themselves greatly lacking when they stand before Me because they did nothing with what they knew they were meant to do. They instead chose the easy way out and decided that to do nothing was better than to do as I wanted them to do.

Do not be found among such ones who are lazy and living in the delusion that they are so good, yet are full of faults and failures. Be willing to subject yourselves to the light of My Spirit, and when you see those areas where you are lacking, call out to Me and I will be with you so you can do the very things I desire and require of you.

I do not find pleasure in those who are so sure of their own strengths and power and do not give glory to Me. They are still in the pride of self, and I will break them down that they come to understand their need of Me. Actually, the more that you come into wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, the more you will see your need of Me. Be thankful this day that it is not a shame to be needy of Me; it is a shame to be proudly independent of Me and taking the glory for self.

Therefore, when you hear the braggarts and the boasters who are supposing themselves to be powerful, know that they are deceived. Believe in Me, trust in My Spirit’s commands and obey the same, for as you do, your faith will be steadily increasing, and you will see for sure that you cannot do anything that is lasting apart from Me. Those who are building on the shifting sands of the world or the opinions of men are building in vain, for the trends and the times will change, and they will remain sinking because they did not build according to the dictates of My Spirit.

It is indeed a privilege to be brought forth in the power, the glory, the strength, and the light that are found in obedience to My Spirit. Those who are operating under the auspices of the insane, insatiable, power-lusting leaders of both religion and politics will be left desolate, for they are trusting and hoping in what people can do rather than what I will do.

I do not want those who are called and chosen by Me to be warriors for righteousness to withdraw from the battle at hand. Rather, they are to be continual in declaring the call that I am giving for people, tribes, and nations: to repent and return to Me as their Creator. The more that the truth is declared, the more that some will hear and obey.

Of course, the way is not broad that leads to eternal life in My kingdom, yet those who find the same will shine in the darkness of these times. Be glad even this day that you can truly live in activation of the motivation that is given to you daily as you receive the living bread that comes to you as My people.

Do not think that you must know everything. Be content to take each day as a new challenge to believe and do what you are meant to do for Me. Be ever in the attitude of gratitude, hearing, believing, and doing My Word.