Perversion Invites Destruction

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not be deceived. All of those who are partaking in perversions are inviting My wrath, fury, and indignation to fall upon them and bring destruction. When men, women, and children are adamant against Me and My standards of righteousness, they become a grief and a sorrow to Me. This is because they are choosing in opposition to Me and following the foolery of their own ways.

When people have so abandoned themselves to be controlled by demon input, they are playing with fire and believing the lies of demons above My Word. When nations have known My standards and then grow proud and independent of Me, partaking in perversions as though there is no harm if that is how they choose to live, such foolish conclusions cause them to be destroyed by Me. There are plenty of such nations that are found centuries later, and no one can explain their demise.

Destruction comes as the consequence of sin, and when any people choose to violate Me continually, they are inviting their own destruction. These are times when people are imagining that they can do as they please and be found acceptable to Me. In fact, they have grown so bold in their pride and demands that they have insisted on special attention and recognition for their perversions. While these ones are caught up in the drunkenness of pride and the insanity of perversity, their mockeries are not overlooked by Me.

The more blatant and vocal they become in their exhibition of their sinfulness and wickedness, the more the cry goes up for the return of My righteousness, and I am raising up now the Warriors for Righteousness. These men and women will not hesitate to proclaim and declare that My wrath, fury, and indignation will be visited upon the wicked and that they will reap the rewards of their corruption and criminality before Me. Be aware that I am not mocked, and the ones who believe that they can mock Me and I will do nothing to remove them from My sight are deceived by demons.

Because the workers of wickedness choose against My righteousness, they are contemptuous towards My standard and dictates. They see themselves as invincible, able to do as they please when they please, and believe that no one can bring them down. However, their misconceptions are nothing but deceptions. I am not bowing to their pride; they are the ones who are inviting their own destruction and damnation.

Be aware that when the stench of people’s sins becomes unbearable to Me, it is Me who removes them from this earth, and they are sentenced to hellfire forever because of their own choices. Such ones are absolute fools who are choosing to live in the darkness of wickedness rather than the light of righteousness that is available in, by, and through belief in My Son Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.

Know that I do not honor those who dishonor, disobey, and disrespect Me as the Creator of all human life. I have no other recourse than to destroy them and sentence them to hell because not only are they repulsive and disgusting to Me, but they are also capable of bringing others into the same cesspools of sin that they are in.

I do not want the increase of perversity and insanity, as the same will only bring others into destruction and damnation. Therefore know that it is Me the Living God who reaches the point of total disgust and brings to these fools their just rewards, and they are taken into destruction and damnation, then their souls are bound in the torments and agonies of the damned forever.

The reality is that I give to every living person the ability to choose for right or wrong, and those who are choosing wrong are doing so because they love evil more than good. By their own choosing, they are losing out with Me. They lose their physical lives, and they lose their spiritual lives, and they will remain damned forever. How foolish they are, because they prefer the way of deceit above the way of the truth. I am not able to choose for them; they make those decisions themselves and they invite their own destruction.

Know of a surety that I do not love to see men, women, children, as well as tribes, peoples, and nations utterly destroyed. Yet the same is necessary in order to keep the infection of the sin-diseases from spreading. It is not My intention that people would be full of sin-diseases and spreading the same to others.

However, My intention and the choices of generations are differing in these times. People are going from bad to worse, and many are desperately longing for death as an escape from the miseries they live in day by day. I do not want people in such conditions; however, when the coverings are full of perversion and the accompanying insanity of their misconduct, they suffer likewise.

In these days, some are so hopeless, helpless, and homeless that every day they face the same old miseries to the extent that they see death as an escape from their miseries. Why would I want people to be found in such miseries? I do not. they are the ones who are choosing to be losing both now and forever.

Thank Me this day that you do not have to be a part of the gross invasion of demonic forces who are driving multitudes to their own destruction and damnation. Rather, you can keep a clear head, a clear mind, and a clear determination to love Me first and foremost and to follow the dictates and directives of My Holy Spirit and live.