Opportunities for Advancement

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not be as those who neglect their opportunities for advancement in their faith and confidence in Me. I intend that those who are Mine would put their trust and confidence in Me even when I desire them to go into unknown territory. This I do repeatedly for the ones who are willing to take the opportunities for advancement that I give to the ones who are consecrated and dedicated to Me as their God.

I do not want My people to remain in a condition of retardation because they are fearful of taking the necessary chances and moving forward under the commands of My Spirit. My people are not meant to be relying on fear; they are meant to be relying on Me as their source and their strength. Likewise, they are meant to realize that in anything that I ordain for My people, I provide for them what they need.

Therefore, when I present to you opportunities for advancement, do not hesitate to take those opportunities and go onward in the way that I give you to walk in and obey the commands of My Spirit as your directives. When you are eager and desirous of advancement in My kingdom, I give you plenty of opportunities for advancement in My kingdom.

With this in mind, keep alert to those opportunities that My Spirit provides for you, and move with My Spirit. Do not be as the fearful who merely want to have their own way and are not moving with My Spirit. Such ones as these are a weariness unto Me because they are not focused on Me but rather are allowing themselves to be ruled by fear rather than faith.

When you see the condition of many of those who are calling themselves Christians, what do you see? You see that they are found bound in the darkness of their own way and unable to go onward because their hearts are far from Me. They literally have found their rut of fear and accusation against Me, and they are content to remain there and complain. The reality is of following My Spirit is: If you do not venture to obey, you gain nothing except the prison house of self.

I do not want you to be bound in the prison houses of self and bring forth nothing for the furtherance of My kingdom. My people are being called at this time and recruited into the Warriors for Righteousness because there is so much wickedness being evidenced that many are being consumed of the same. When you choose to obey the call that My Spirit gives forth, you will be increased in your faith and confidence in Me.

I do not want you to be under the foolery and the fearfulness that cause erratic and unstable behaviors. Even those who appear to be very stable yet will not follow My Spirit are not found acceptable to Me. This is because they have chosen to put on a religious facade as shape-shifters, while inwardly allowing the poison of unbelief to spread throughout their systems.

Such as choose the stability of stagnation become dull and grow increasingly more dull with reference to the moving of My Spirit in their lives. Therefore be aware that to stagnate in stability is to be more concerned with earthly security and safety than to care about the eternal destination of their souls.

If you stop and consider, I do not want you to be operating or functioning under the auspices of the world and believing that you are totally satisfying My call and choice for your lives. How could I the Living God be satisfied with My people when they are frozen in fear and are attempting to masquerade their fears under the disguise of religion and stable stagnation?

I do not want to have a multitude of religious liars who are claiming to be Mine while they are frozen in their own conjectures and imaginations against Me. The reality of living in My kingdom is that you are not meant to give credence to fear, for the same has torment. Instead, you are meant to desire, ask for, and take every opportunity for advancement that I give to you, and know that the same is for the increase and advancement of faith in Me.

Be thankful even this day that in the times you are in you do not need to take on the fears that are sweeping throughout the world, as there is nothing but the show of insane and power-hungry leaders who are in rule. Of course, Media and her minions are ever present to give forth reports of fear, instability, perversity, and insanity on every hand. These mediums are excited over the most vile and ridiculous reports, and they are not concerned with the truth but rather project lies as the solution to the pollution.

The solution is not to be found in lies; the solution is to be found in obeying the Spirit commands that lead and guide into all truth. This means, of course, that you will enter into battle in the spirit dimension and that you will go to territories unknown in order to further My purposes and plans.

You as true believers are not called to find a comfortable niche and die there; you are to keep moving onward, knowing that I do not hesitate to give to you all that you need each day to go onward in My way. Let My Spirit be your guide and give you the commands that fulfill My purposes for your lives on this earth. Do not imagine that you know the way. How could you, when you have left the familiar circle game and chosen to follow faith rather than be bound by fear?

It is indeed a time to rejoice, for it is Me the Living God who continues to bring forth My separating sword between the precious and the vile. Yes, the vile will reap the rewards of their own darkness. However, the faithful will abound in the mercies that I alone do bring. Therefore, sing in praises.