Does Prosperity Bring Infidelity and Insanity?

I speak unto you this day and I say: When the majority of people increase in prosperity, they likewise increase in sin. Sadly enough, this includes My people as well as those who are sinners. Because people do not rein in their hearts and their minds, many who become prosperous become drunk on the power that they gain through their riches. They are finding themselves able to buy what they want, and many turn to sins they would not consider if they did not have the riches to buy such sins.

The more that people sin, the harder their hearts become, and they believe in their minds that they can do as they please, when they please, and find satisfaction in the same. However, they are not finding satisfaction; they are finding desolation and emptiness because they are living in sinfulness and will experience the misery that sin brings. Although they may project themselves as being rich, increased with goods, and needing nothing, before Me they are wretches who are hell bound by their choices.

You are living in times when multitudes are living it up as though there is no tomorrow, and they will continue in a way that is vile before Me. I do not want My people to be found among those who are believing that they are all right, when before Me they are all wrong and full of the inward corruption that will take them down the road to their own destitution and damnation.

People have lost sight of the true values of life and have assumed that the accumulation of worldly riches is the peak of perfection and happiness. However, what those who gain the riches they want find is that the riches they assumed to be so important do not satisfy, and that is why they increase in infidelity and insanity, because they are not satisfied. The only way to true and lasting satisfaction is to be found abiding in Me and living each day in the attitude of gratitude because of the peace that I give to the ones who are content with whatsoever their provisions are.

It is senseless how people will work themselves frantic and live in panic that their riches will make themselves wings and be no more. The richer people become, if they have not committed those riches to Me, the more worried they become that they will lose their riches. They fear thieves will steal from them what they have gained.

It is one thing to seek after the riches of this world; it is another thing to seek after the peace that I alone do provide. Do not waste your time in following after folly and the foolery that money can buy, then end up wretchedly poor before Me because you wasted your lives on the emptiness of wealth. It is the wise man, woman and even nation that seeks to please Me and to walk humbly before Me always.

When a nation falls, there is no value in the money that people assumed to be so important, and it becomes no more than useless paper. Likewise, when people are establishing their lives by wealth, and the increase in their sins is relevant to the increase of their riches, what good are the riches they have gained? No good at all, for they will find that without the mind of My spirit, they will buy those sins that will return to haunt them, and they will oftentimes have blood on their hands.

I do not want My people to be chasing after the idols of the heathen and to be assuming that the values of the world are for them. My people are not meant to be easily deceived and taken into captivity by the forces of darkness because they have yielded to the lusts of their flesh. I give to My people the power to overcome those forces that are ever present to deceive if they remain under the mind of My Spirit.

I do not want you to be found in the folly of fools and far from Me; I want you to be uplifted in the mercies that I give to you and glad that it is Me that you serve. When you are walking in the reverential respect of Me, you will find comfort in the commands of My Spirit, because you will not have your mind and your body cluttered with the trappings of sin and bring disgrace to yourselves.

Thank Me even this day that you do not need to walk afar off from Me but that you can come forth in Me and rejoice that I am indeed the One who has given you the chance to live again in newness of life. Be thankful that you are not a part of the workers of wickedness but that you are involved in the Warriors for Righteousness and you are not ashamed of Me.

The more that you are purposing yourselves to please Me and not the world, the more that you will be thankful for the safety and the security that I give you each day. My people are meant to be knowing how important it is to be found in the life, the love, the light that My Spirit leads them in, and that is where they are meant to live. Yes, the times you are in are totally insane, and people are full of infidelity and perversity. Yet, through obedience to the dictates and commands, of My Spirit you can walk in sanity and safety.

Therefore, do not be easily swayed out of My way by the enchantments and seductions of shape-shifting forces of wickedness. Rather, keep single in your allegiance and do not long after earthly riches. Look for ways to gain the eternal riches that are found in My kingdom, and know that the same will give you lasting and true prosperity. Keep yourselves from infidelity and insanity, and do not lust for the riches of the heathen, for they cannot buy you anything but a ticket to deception.

Be willing to lay your lives down for My kingdom cause, and you will gain the treasures that remain. Why not be found abundant in the eternal riches and able to share the same with others in need?