Stand, Declare, and Live Righteousness

I speak unto you this day and I say that I have called and chosen you to be warriors for righteousness in a generation of gross wickedness, which means that you must stand, declare, and live righteousness every day. This is because you are not intended to live as the ones who are full of their own imaginations and delusions of grandeur.

When you take a good look at the condition of the sinking ship which represents the nation, do not be a part of the same. I do not want you to be involved in the criminal corruption that is the fruit of bad seed. Rather, I want you to be well aware that you are called and chosen by Me to declare to this dying and damned generation their need to repent. Multitudes in these times have been raised completely godless, and they have no consciousness of right and wrong because they have been raised as children of the damned.

Be aware that I want those who are claiming to be My people to honor Me with their deeds and their words. My people are not meant to behave as the world in ways that are unsightly, unseemly, and perverse. My people are meant to conduct themselves in the way that I ordain and to keep themselves purposed for Me. This is because they represent the higher way, the eternal kingdom wherein I abide.

I do not want to see endless multitudes cast headlong into hell, where they remain under the anguish and torment of their unrepentant sins and cannot ever be freed from the prison houses they are in. Yet that is the inevitable destination of sinners who do not repent, some because they have never heard the gospel message.

Know that I hold each generation of My people accountable to proclaim the gospel message with enthusiasm and vigor because they know they have received salvation through Jesus Christ. When those who are claiming to be My people fail to stand, declare, and live righteousness, they neglect the commission that is ever standing. As a consequence, when vast multitudes are being hurled into hell, My own people are accountable for their spiritual slothfulness and non-concern for perishing souls.

Sad to say and to see how many are claiming they love Me, but they love themselves instead, and they are attempting to steal the treasures of My kingdom without living in righteousness. Many ministers are frauds, only making gain off of the people and building up their own fame, while using My people to get there. These so-called ministers are being exposed and revealed in these times, for they are workers of iniquity, full of darkness and thievery, and have blood guiltiness on their hands.

Because of the sinful state of these religious leaders, the people have fallen into many sins and are habituated to sinful habits and actions. No longer do people have the courage to stand for Me and declare My standard of righteousness, because they are not living nor walking uprightly before Me. Instead, they lay claim that they are Mine, yet they are shape-shifting liars who are living for themselves and doing those things forbidden by Me.

Yes, there are troubles everywhere as the devil and his demons have moved in full scale to reap a great harvest of destruction, death, and damnation of souls. It is a full-scale tragedy what comes about to any people, tribe or nation when their leaders are steeped in wickedness and living in the drunkenness of pride and contempt towards Me.

Quite obviously, when leaders become possessed by pride, they are sure of their own infallible conduct and cannot be corrected. They become totally possessed by demons and no longer operate out of sanity, but rather have taken on the covering of insanity and insatiable lust for power. They become obsessed with their determination for greedy gain over other nations, while they are destroying the very lands they hope to gain from their wars.

Why is it that these things are so common in these times? It is because My people have refused to be the salt and the light and have taken on the coverings of the world in order to “keep their lives.” In the process, they grow more and more intense in their deviations and perversions, and the ship sinks down in the sea of iniquity as multitudes are drowned in the filthy waters of sin.

The conditions and circumstances are not to rule My true people, for I give them the strength to rise above this present world and its problems and to come into My presence and draw of the power that I give to them. Those who are called and chosen to be warriors for righteousness must not be ashamed to declare the endless power of My eternal kingdom and point others to the same.

Those who are truly faithful to Me cannot be content to live in compromised, complacent Christianity. This is because they are desirous of the real thing, and nothing else will satisfy. Those who are the real revolutionaries in these times are the warriors for righteousness, because the cause they labor for is the eternal destiny of the souls of men, women, and children. They are not overwhelmed by the cares of this life; they are moving onward in integrity and purity as those who are the first and true respondents to the drowning multitudes.

Led by the Holy Spirit, these warriors are ever available and ready for action because they are continuing to praise Me, pray to Me, and live for Me. They are not caught in religiosity, nor are they steeped in the way of their own understanding. they are faithful, true, and valiant for the great cause of rescuing the perishing.