Determined Love

I speak unto you this day and I ask you: How determined is your love for Me? Are you loving Me merely because you were taught to love Me? Or are you loving Me in words but not deeds? Are you loving Me with your all because you answered My call? Are you determined to love Me even when you are evil spoken of, accused and abused, treated as though you are a traitor because you have abandoned sin? Are you putting Me above every other person, place, or thing in your lives by choosing My way and not your own?

I want you to ask My Spirit to give you even this day the covering of determined love so that you can serve Me with all of your heart, all of your strength, and all of your desires. When you are determined and you keep Me first in your lives, you will see that I have great abundance of spiritual life and joy prepared for you. You will also experience the extreme, as you will be evil spoken of, persecuted, prosecuted, and possibly imprisoned for your identity with Me.

You will know what it is to forsake all and follow Me without even knowing your future. You will be challenged to the extent that you imagine that you are going to die in the process, yet you will accept the challenge and go onward. You will live the most exciting adventure on earth as you see Me give you My mercies just at the point where you are desperately in need of My deliverance in your life.

Through all of those things, you will see that I know what you need more than you know, and I want you to be full of faith and trust in Me no matter the circumstances. I want you to be determined to keep on thanking and praising Me no matter how much the enemy tries to get you to complain and carry on in useless depressing tirades regarding your circumstances. The more that you will keep your focus clearly upon Me, the more that you will see that you know your destiny if it is Me you are determined to love.

Be knowing of a surety that I favor those who are determined to show their love for Me by continuing in the way that I provide and be in submission to My Holy Spirit’s directives. Those who are wise in their own eyes and take over their own destiny, or so they imagine, are playing with the destination of damnation.

I do not find pleasure in the conceited who are believing in themselves rather than Me. I do not want you determined to prove how much you love yourselves and want to see “self” exalted. Such behavior reflects pride and conceit and will end those who pursue such a course in the agonies of the damned. They will find, because they choose to follow their own understanding rather than the mind of My Spirit, that their days are full of the darkness and grossness, as well as the misery of sin. The more that they abandon to the determination to have things their way, the more miserable they become, until they end in hopeless, helpless despair.

If you take a good look at the plague of homeless, helpless, hopeless people who are literally a vast army of depressed and desperate wanderers, you can see the end of determination to live for “self” and where it puts people. Those who are stubborn and proud and wanting to prove how great they are will oftentimes end in the ranks of the army of the depressed, desperate, and damned who put themselves there by their own choices against Me.

When you are determined to love Me, you will not end hopeless, helpless, and homeless, because I will provide for you. It is Me the Living God who makes the way for those who keep their vision upon Me and are full of determined love for Me. Therefore, it is important that you want My Spirit to give you the determination that will assure your destination will be with Me in eternity, and not end in the destination of desolation and damnation.

If you really are determined in your love for Me, there is nothing and no one who can stop you from completing the course that is set before you. You will not care what people say or think about you, because it is Me that you want to please and serve with rejoicing and the giving of continual thanksgiving.

Consider that Jesus Christ, My beloved Son, was determined in His love for Me to the extent that He died for you in order to free you and all who believe in Him from the penalty of sin. He gave Himself over in order to remove the chains of sin from every captive who is crying out to be set free. He did not waiver in His determined love; He fulfilled My purpose and plan for His mission to earth, and by His obedience gave to all the chance to be saved.

Stop and ponder: How determined are you now? Do you have eyes full of lust for the world? Do you let your imaginations and your fantasies overtake you and make you sick with the lusts they stir within you? Do you allow the present conditions of the nation to vex you to the point that you believe the liars and their lies? Or do you remember that it is Me you are meant to believe in no matter the circumstances and situations that arise? Do you let your determination be rotted by association with the ungodly self-idolaters who are out for themselves and care nothing about Me?

If you are lacking in these areas, be honest with yourselves. Cast off those influences and enchantments of demons and do not be shape-shifters. If you are acting as though you love Me while you play the whore in your minds and bodies, repent of such conduct and return to determined love. Do not be castaways, unable to free yourselves from the endless sins and torments of the damned. Be living your lives each day in determined Love for Me.