Power Lust Brings Senseless Slaughter

I speak unto you this day and I say that you are living in times when there is such power lust throughout the world that you are witnessing the senseless slaughter that is taking place worldwide. Men, women, and children are being murdered by the war machines of various nations as they engage in brutal conflicts that bring death and destruction.

While leaders are lusting for more and more power, they are sending their youth to die in the senseless slaughters that are taking down entire generations of young people, both men and women. The bloodbaths that are occurring under various smokescreens are horrifying, and yet other nations are encouraging such useless and senseless slaughter by their contributions. The fraud and graft of governments is at an all-time high as nations are forever in the game called war and still wanting more and more while they expend the lives of their youth for nothing but the lust of leaders.

Of course, behind this latest push to bring back the draft in America is the same greed and lust. Many high-ranking politicians are eager to see the draft re-instituted because they have interests in the defense industry. These wicked men give their long-winded patriotic speeches as they justify slaughter. They rant about how great is this nation that supplies billions to other nations in revenues and equipment. All the while, the motivation of such big-mouthed liars is to line their own pockets and to gain favors with those who run the defense industries.

Be thankful even this day that you do not need to be paying heed to the greed that is so ravenous and never satisfied. These leaders of today are indeed cannibalistic and are shape-shifting demonically controlled men and women who are determined to have their abominable agendas fulfilled. With beady eyes and greedy hearts, there is no stopping them in their unsatisfied aggression whereby they are driven to great degrees of insanity and determination to bring the whole world under their domination.

So, the shedding of the blood of the innocents is considered the vogue of the day, and youth are forced into the military, only to lose their lives. The senseless slaughter goes on and on, and the bodies of youth are blown to bits, without recovering of any remnant of their body parts. In some nations, parents receive the medals of honor for their dead children to put on their walls as they grieve over the loss of their beloved children.

These wars go on and on and intensify in the loss of human lives, while this very nation that you live in is in uncontrollable debt to supply the nations with the “help” they need. Then, the leaders of the nations receiving the aid spend their resources on extravagant luxuries, imagining that they will live it up on the blood monies they receive.

Of course, in this cycle, the piece of the pie that the politicians expect is returned to them, and the graft and fraud go on. Then, the patriotic hysteria grows increasingly more and more high pitched, and the government brings in the draft to take captive the youth of the nation to ship them off to defend other nations and maintain their borders. At the same time, the borders are left wide open for every evil and corrupt criminal cartel in the world to send in their forces to overthrow the nation. Is there any stability in it all, or has the whole world joined in the madness of war, war, and more war?

I do not want My people to be involved in the patriotic schemes of politicians who stand to make their pockets bulging with “return revenues.” Know that as they are causing the senseless slaughter of entire generations of youth as well as common people of the nations involved, they are satisfied to be so “loyal” to the people who support them in their graft and fraud.

I do not want to see My people so easily deceived, willing to join in the madness and give their children over to be devoured. What is the reason for all of this insanity and insatiable lust for power and bloodshed? It is simply because people have allowed themselves to be deceived by the lies of the media being fed them daily and to join themselves to causes of death.

Be aware that I hold My people accountable, and I do not reward them for shedding the blood of the innocents. In fact, many who have survived these useless wars will bear witness to the fact that they cannot find peace in their own lives because of the atrocities they committed under command.

Stop and consider that I do not sanction the murder machines that men have raised up to accomplish their abominable agendas, nor do I put approval on greedy politicians who find ways to exempt their own children from the slaughter and yet convince the people to offer their own children up to die. Is the current patriotic enticement nothing more than a demonic enchantment that seduces parents to be proud of their dead child or children given over to be sacrificed on the altar of idolatry?

I have given to My people the Holy Spirit to lead and guide them into all truth. Therefore, if they choose against the Holy Spirit and take on the coverings of insanity, they will be guilty of giving their children to the murder machines. Then they will receive notification that their children are missing in action as they are being blown to bits in the senseless slaughters of war.

Consider: whose side are you on? Why not offer your children to Me to enlist in the Warriors for Righteousness? They will stand for life, not death.