Born to Be Bad Before Me

I speak unto you this day and I say: Consider that I am the Father, the Creator of all humankind, and I desire that My people would be brought forth in the way that I intend and not according to their own understanding. However, they did not heed My intentions for them, as was made obvious through the first created beings, Adam and Eve.

They did not choose to obey Me, and subsequently they brought all humanity under the curse of sin. Their disobedience was a very costly expenditure, and they were taken in the way of banishment from the Garden and the goodness they had in My presence. They did what seemed right to them and not according to My direct commands. Consequently, they showed themselves to be bad rather than good, as I had intended them to be.

Then, as their offspring increased and people were brought forth and I chose Abraham to follow My Spirit’s directives to him, he obeyed Me in that he believed Me, and so, My people were brought into being by Abraham’s faith. However, even in his life, he and his wife grew anxious over My promise to them, and they chose to have a child through Sarah’s handmaid.

Sad to say, when the time of My promise came and Sarah gave birth to Isaac, then the jealousy of the handmaid and her son Ishmael became evident and ugly. Their wrong choices brought forth the seed of Ishmael, and the offspring of the same were born to be bad, that is, rebellious against Me and the dictates I had for people to live by. This of course is a lesson that bad choices bring forth bad seed, and so, the rebellion against Me increases with the generations born to be bad.

I do not want My people to be bad; I want them to be in right standing with Me, knowing that I am their source, their strength, and their safety. However, because of the sins of Adam and Eve, every person is born into sin and has the potential to choose to be either good or bad. Those who choose continually to be bad are actually choosing for their own destruction and damnation. Those who choose continually to be good are making the choices for righteousness rather than wickedness.

Be thankful this day that you can choose for the good and not the evil, and that you do not need to believe that you are born to be bad towards Me. The more that you want to please Me, the more that I am pleased with you, because your deeds and your actions are one.

There are many people who are claiming that they love Me, yet their deeds prove them to be liars and hypocrites who are loving and making a lie. They are living in pretension and are continually shape shifting as they are unstable souls who are easily controlled by demons.

Over and over, they prove themselves to be stupid, because they do not consider that they are being more and more taken over by demon spirits because they are not steadfast with Me, nor do they keep their covenants with Me, for they play the harlot continually inasmuch as they enter into the insanity of idolatry and give themselves to idols.

Know that when I am sorely displeased with any people, tribe, or nation, I exhibit My wrath, fury, and indignation against them. Yet many who are hardened in their determination for disobedience will continue in rebellion and resistance against Me to the point of wickedness revolution. Then, as I have sent My prophets, My messengers, continually unto them, calling them to repent, and they have refused, I send down upon them My wrath.

When I am turned against a nation, the people suffer because of the wicked leaders who prove that they were born to be bad. Such leaders give way to pride, and in the drunkenness of the same, they become more and more deceived, deluded, and destined to be damned. Likewise, in their insatiable lust for power and fame, they bring down suffering upon the people they rule over and others as well.

The world crisis that is evident at this time is because leaders have gone completely mad and are driven by demons. There are few men and women who are in power who have retained any degree of righteousness, inasmuch as all are greedy for gain and want only to achieve what they want, not what I want. I find absolutely no pleasure in such fools, for they set themselves up for what befalls them, and there is no return from the wretchedness they will bring down upon themselves and the people they affect by their choices.

However, if any people who are called by My name will humble themselves and cry out to Me, I will hear them when they pray. Then, by My Spirit, I will direct them so that they are spared on the day of My wrath, fury, and indignation revealed. Furthermore, they are being called into the divine force that I am raising up to counteract the absolute insanity that is very much present.

My Spirit is putting forth the call for serious believers in My Son Jesus to join up in the Warriors for Righteousness and to declare once again the Gospel of Jesus Christ, calling for all to repent and return. Of course, I will equip such ones for the war in the spiritual dimension that they will be in, and they will pray and give praises unto Me. They will not look to the world to solve the issues that are at hand. They will look to Me and know that I am the One they are meant to remain ever faithful and loyal unto as they continue to live in righteousness rather than wickedness.

I do not want My people to be in fellowship with those born to be bad. I want My people to be in allegiance with the Warriors for Righteousness true to Me.