Want My Power? Give Me Praises!

I speak unto you this day and I say: Rejoice that it is Me the Living God who is almighty and all-powerful. I want My people to give Me praises that they may know the power of who I am in their lives. When My people will give Me praises, I inhabit those praises, and I am indeed ever available to hear them and answer their prayers.

I do not intend that My people would be left desolate and unable to reach Me because they are bound in the prison houses of misery and unable to find peace as they are chronic complainers. If you stop and consider how much power there is in the words you speak, why would you want to give glory to the devil by complaining against Me? I do not want My people to be found digging a pit of despair and desolation by the words of complaint they give forth each day. Rather, I want My people to be uplifted in My power as they give Me continual praise and honor Me with thanksgiving.

Inasmuch as you are living in this world, it is easy to succumb to the spirits of darkness and gloominess that are continually lurking all around and give yourselves over to those demonic spirits that cause you to complain. Then, as misery loves company, one complaint wants another and another, and so, the message that comes from you is one of chronic complaining.

It is absolutely stupid to complain continually when you could use that energy to give honor and praise unto Me. As you will abandon yourselves to giving Me praises, you will see that I do come near to you because I love My people to recognize Me for who I AM and to be thankful to serve Me.

Therefore do not grow weary in well doing. Just continue steadfast in honoring Me through the way you live and the way you speak. Do not give forth the example to those who live in constant misery that you are one of them. Reality is that you have My Son as your Savior and Lord, and through the mercies that have been given to you, you are enabled to rise above the cesspool of sin and darkness that so many are trapped in.

I desire that you would soar into the heavenly dimensions as you abandon yourselves to giving Me praises. Realize that it is Me the Living God who is in control, and the more that you will be adhering unto Me, the more that you will see that I indeed remain triumphant, victorious, and everlasting. Therefore do not fall under the dark cloud of doubt, disputation against Me, and the evil heart of unbelief. I do not want you to imagine that you are in control; I want you to understand that I am the Almighty and that I am in control.

There is no weapon that is formed against you that shall prosper as you are maintaining the attitude of gratitude. Keeping this in mind, when you feel the complaining demons wanting to grab hold of your thoughts and your tongue, refuse, rebuke, and refute such spirits by praising Me. The more that you use the power of praise unto Me, the less you will like the realms of complaining and murmuring against Me.

The attitude of gratitude is a place of peace and joy because you are making it your practice to give the honor and the praise to Me for the multiplied mercies I give to you every day. You are not meant to live in the prison house of despair and depression, even in these times when the horizons have the signs of tornadoes, in the sense of things in horrid disorder.

If you are faithful to give Me the honor, I will lift you above the troubles of this present world. Why not honor Me with your praises and live in the place of joy and never-ending strength that only can be found in and through Me as you are giving Me praise for the mercies I have given and do give you each day?

I do not want My people to believe themselves to be justified in building a “case against Me.” I want My people to be justified in honoring Me for My infinite mercies that I give to them daily. Remember that no man, woman, or child has the power to judge Me, and those of these times who imagine themselves to be gods and believe they remain forever are deceived.

The demonic powers of delusion and confusion are rampant throughout the world at this time. This is because far too many are content to go along with the dictates of despotic leaders who are trusting in demon powers to give them all-knowing and all-encompassing powers. Such leaders become increasingly more insane as the demons that possess them lead them into the traps that are set for their own destruction.

Be giving Me praises even this day that you do not have to be subject to those who are quite obviously insane and totally corrupted by their choices to give their souls to the devil. Rather, you can be found under the mind of My Spirit and led forth in the clear light that I provide. I do not want you to be entangled in the jungle of the world and overtaken by the slimy snakes that are resident in the same. My desire for you is that you would remain ever alert, alive, and actively going onward in the way of life, love, and light so abundantly provided for you.

In these times when the workers of wickedness are attempting to bring all into bondage by shape-shifting manipulations, join in the divine forces of power and be enlisted in the Warriors for Righteousness. The more that you are praising Me, the more that the forces of darkness are driven back. The war that you fight as Warriors for Righteousness is in the spiritual dimension, and the victory is given when My people are constant in praise unto Me.