Deluded, Drunken, Drugged, and Damned

I speak unto you this day and I say: I do not call you to be deluded, drunken, drugged, and damned as so many are in these times. Because of the fact that the covering over the nation is insanity, multitudes of people, even some of those professing to be Mine, have abandoned all standards of righteousness. In the place of uprightness, they have chosen wickedness and are abandoning themselves fully to the same.

Be aware that I do not want My people to be found living in such realms, and yet they are, because they have chosen to pay heed to shape shifting, demonized, despotic leaders. When any people turns to wickedness and embraces the same, they can only go down morally and spiritually. While they imagine that they are having fun, all that they are doing is being on the pathway to their own destruction and devastation. As the troubles and miseries in their lives increase, they are intent on proving that somehow they are justified in their sins and someone else is to blame. No one is to blame, for they are the ones who are making their choices for death rather than life.

Know of a surety that I do not want you to go down into the agonies of the damned because you have become a shape shifter, in the sense that you are offering Me worship but paying more attention to the sins you love. There is no sense in entering into the trap of sin and being taken down into the same. Yet, because of the multitude of enticements, entanglements, and enchantments that are ever present, far too many are going after those things that I do not intend. In their choices for filthiness, they are defiling themselves then imagining they can offer me their worthless worship and I am accepting the same.

Be aware that I am not deceived, nor am I mocked, and those who want only to have the lust of their flesh and pursue wickedness will not be found among those who are acceptable unto Me. In fact, they are unacceptable because they have chosen other masters, other gods, and they are absorbed in the insanity of idolatry.

I absolutely do not want My people to be found behaving as the foolish. Rather, I want My people to listen, obey, and be made wise with godly wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. This is My timing to call forth the ones who are purposed and meant to be in active duty as warriors for righteousness, and those who will hear the call going forth, obey the same and come forth with enthusiasm will see beyond a shadow that they must remain in active duty against wickedness.

These are times when the whole world is caught up in carnal wars that do nothing except destroy the lives of the multitudes who are victims in such situations. Therefore know that I do not want My people to give way to the call to battle that the nation is attempting to inflict upon the youth, even inviting seniors to “join up” to fight for causes that are senseless and useless.

I do not desire My people to be involved in the useless carnage that shape-shifting politicians imagine will bring them greater favor and greater power. Because these leaders are under the insanity of self-idolatry, they want to bring others under the same evil deceptions that they are under. The motivation of these politicians is not in any sense based on sound military strategies. Rather, they are out for money and world power. In their demonized minds, they see themselves as living forever and ruling eternally. However, their actions and reactions expose the insanity that rules them.

Know that whatever the devil and his demons do, it is because they have one mission, and that is to steal, kill, and destroy. The political arenas are full of demonically driven men and women who put on a face of caring for people while their secret agendas are just the opposite. They believe themselves to be in charge of a “new world order,” and the agenda of that order is population control and war and abortion help to destroy lives.

Therefore, these shape-shifting vile creatures project how much they are concerned with certain races, creeds, colors, and creatures, yet their hearts are as stone. They love only themselves, and anything or anybody who dares to oppose them in the madness is worthy of death in their eyes.

For all of their delusions and the results of their idolatrous insanity, know that I am raising up My opposition forces from many aspects of life. Multitudes are no longer content to sit idly by and accept the utter debauchery and decay that is manifest. Peoples are rising up in contention against such utter stupidity and insanity. They are refusing to be subject to the rule of the demons that want vast multitudes destroyed in the slaughterhouses of death.

This is My doing, because not everyone has joined in on the race to hell and the torments and anguish of the same. In fact, because I am hearing the prayers of those who are wanting the return of My righteousness, these are enlisting not in worldly military service but in My force: the Warriors for Righteousness. They are not going to be found under the coverings of confusion, delusion, and deception, because they are under the mind of My Spirit and are under divine command.

Be thankful that I the Living God am ever present and I know that the demon-inspired politicians are excited to bring forth youth into the bloodbaths of human sacrifice to the gods of death and destruction. However, I am calling youth into the Warriors of Righteousness, whereby they will see the wicked overthrown by the power of prayers and the heavenly forces at war.