Gather Together, My Warriors!

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who is calling for My warriors for righteousness to gather together and pray, praise, and honor Me. I do not want to see those ones of Mine who are called to be warriors in this great force that I ordain be scattered and tattered. Rather, I am giving forth the call for those who will hear and obey to come forth in My way, the way that is righteousness, not the wickedness that is seemingly prevailing in these times inasmuch as the wicked rule.

However, keep in mind: They do not rule Me, and I reign supreme. Inasmuch as My time of judgment is intensifying against the evildoers, do not be shocked that I am raising up My warriors of righteousness. These ones will not be ashamed to declare and expose the evils that are transpiring in church and state. This is a time when the workers of evil, in all of their shape-shifting and identity crises, are proving just how stupid they are in their mockeries of Me, for I will mock them.

The leaders of these times and of many nations imagine that they are invincible and incredibly capable of leading the whole world into the same insanity, perversity, and profanity that they are living in. This is a time when demon powers are all out in full-array attempt to masquerade in all manner of shape-shifting forms to deceive any who will receive them.

It is Me who is raising up My warriors for righteousness, and they will hear the call in the spirit to gather together to pray and receive the strategies of this battle. I do not want those who are called and chosen to be left isolated and attempting to fight this battle without others of the same beliefs being with them.

Remember it is Me the Living God who is the God of War against the forces of evil that want to prevail and take all men, women, and children into the captivity and slavery of sin. However, I have heard the cries of those who do not want to live in the filthiness, vileness, and criminal corruption that is so prevailing in these times. Therefore, I am giving the call to those who will hear to gather together in forces that will be effective against the workers of wickedness and ultimate evil.

I am well aware of how far these contortionists have taken their schemes and dreams of domination and how much wicked leaders who are bought off have cooperated with ultimate evil. Because I am the all-knowing God, none of these things go unseen by Me, for I am the One who is far greater and stronger than all of the combined forces of psychic powers of delusion, confusion, and madness. Know that this is My time to reveal and cause revolt against these crushing powers being exercised by criminal leaders who are involved in political, religious, banking, and business cartels of carnal criminality.

Inasmuch as I am judging the nations, I am seeing the sins of all who are in wicked rule, and I am marking them. Likewise, they will become targets as My warriors for righteousness will war against them with zeal and great prayer power, and they will be brought down. Be thankful that it is Me the Living God who is reaching out in compassion and mercy for the sake of the true ones who have not bent their knees to the idols of insanity.

Do not believe that I am going to devastate and destroy those who have maintained their integrity with Me, for I am true to My promises. I do not lie as men and women do, nor do I connive and scheme to gain power over the people. I do not need to do such things, because I am the Almighty and My powers and My glory will prevail long after peoples, tribes, and nations are destroyed by their own evil doings against Me.

There are endless leaders who have come and gone on this earth, who lived under demonic delusion and saw themselves as gods in this earth. However, they were proven time after time to be nothing but mere shape shifters who were possessed and driven by demons. Throughout history of humankind, there have been people who have so yielded themselves to demonic powers that they became possessed and shifted into great manipulators.

The control power that they showed forth was the reward they received for becoming vessels of dishonor and disobedience towards Me. However, their ends were totally wretched, and they are still existing in hell under the bitter anguish of their choices for evil. They can never escape, and all of the great fortunes they gained off of their wickedness cannot buy them out of their prison houses of pain and shame.

Know that I am absolutely not mocked, and I will mock the mockers who have imagined that they could conquer and remain invincible forever. All that they proved through their ugly lives is that they were conquered and are continually tormented by the demons they believed in. Keep this in mind: that those who have as mere mortals allowed themselves to be possessed of pride and became drunk on their own greatness are bound in hell forever. They cannot ever exit their imprisonment and there is no pardon for them, nor will they ever have an end to their sentences of torment and anguish.

Those who have lived in the black arts and imagined that their powers of evil would give them what such powers promised, find that the devil is a liar and they were duped and deceived to believe his lies. The demons that possessed them love to see them lose in the end of their lives because they bought into lies. This is the time for the warriors for righteousness to arise, declaring the truth with boldness and calling people to repent and return to Me.