Warriors for Righteousness

I speak unto you this day and I say that all of those who will remain true to Me will become warriors for righteousness. These are times when the devil has pulled out every unclean, perverse, vile, and wicked weapon he can possibly find. He is using those weapons in the form of shape shifters to delude and confuse people, to lead them astray, to lead them in the way of destruction and damnation. While he is so busy about his devious business, I am bringing forth the warriors for righteousness, who will be continually warring in the spirit dimension for the furtherance of righteousness.

While the enemy forces have used fully their shape-shifting demons in human bodies to poison with sin the majority of the mainstream churches, many are exiting the churches because such are evil. No longer are people able to go to church and draw near to Me. Instead, they go to church to be entertained in any number of ways and listen to preachers who are shape shifters teaching perversion and rebellion towards Me.

I absolutely do not desire that My true people would remain in the houses of prostitution who are using the name “church” while they are advocating all of the sins of this age, as well as the abominations that are damning. Therefore, those who are alert and alive under the covering of My Spirit are separating themselves from the whorehouses of wickedness where shape shifters, wizards, warlocks, witches and magicians are common. Sickened by the spread of perversion through shape shifting transgenderism, those who identify with My truth are departing such hellholes. My true people are hearing the call of the Spirit to “come out lest they be partakers of the plagues” that are falling upon the fake churches, and they are obeying.

Because of the severity of the invasion of wickedness and evil in these times, there are many who are not needing to be drafted but are willingly giving themselves over to the war for souls as never before. More and more youth, middle aged, and even senior adults are joining in as warriors for righteousness and are unwilling to be swept up in the waves of filthiness.

Not everyone is willing to lie down and die at the feet of the demon powers that have spread themselves out in proud array, as more and more people are becoming aware that they must stand and do battle in the spirit for truth. While there are liars in high places telling outrageous lies, people, even of the world, are becoming alert to the fact that such deceivers are not to be trusted and are full of the powers of deception.

A growing number of people are no longer satisfied to believe the lies that are being spewed forth upon them and their children. As those who are pushing the agendas of destruction, devastation, and damnation think they are conquering, they are failing to count the mass exodus from their prison houses that is taking place. As people become more aware of how wicked and degraded the nation as a whole has become, the “church” is leading the way to more wickedness.

Therefore, multitudes are being enlisted in the Warriors for Righteousness movement that is taking place in the spiritual dimension, and they are not arming themselves with physical weapons but with the spiritual weapons. While these warriors for righteousness are seeing the degradation and destruction transpiring, they are aligning themselves with Me and the powers that I possess. These will not react to the times with fear and foreboding. Rather, they are praying, preaching, exposing and closing in on enemy forces with bold declarations of truth and righteousness.

Essentially, when the truth is openly declared, those who are liars can only tell more and more outlandish lies and shift shape continually like the snakes they are. These demonically ruled liars will pretend that they are innocent and that those declaring the truth are oppressors and murderers.

However, people are not so easily deceived and duped as the liars want them to remain, and these ones are coming forth in the reality that liars are in rule and they must likewise join in the opposition to such lying shape shifters. Therefore do not be shocked at anything that you hear or see, for these are times when the rebellious, the repulsive, the haters of truth are seeing their kingdoms of lies crumbling and being crushed by the truth.

Be aware that the more outlandish the lies and accusations against the warriors of righteousness become, the more My true ones will stand. Those who are My people will not be backed down by lies. Rather, they will become more bold in the declaration of the truth. They do not turn back in the day of spiritual battle. Instead, they become empowered and emboldened by Me because they look to Me as their source.

Believe it or not, I will actually use the different elements of wickedness to turn on one another, and they will fight among themselves and become totally fragmented and confused as to who they are standing with. Such confusion will bring them into devastation and ruination.

Do not pity the wicked when you see them receive what they justly deserve. If you consider the number of lives they have caused to be lost, the lies they have promoted, the many shapes and disguises they have assumed, know they deserve what I give them.

With these things in mind, do not sit idly by and imagine that you do not need to do anything. Rather join up today in the way that is needed, necessary, and essential to the promotion of righteousness and life worth living here and now. Become a warrior for righteousness.