Together Again

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who ordained in the days of old that My people would live in tribes and be known as My people, as they were meant to serve Me and obey My commands. However, because My people showed that they were inferior by their disobedience, they were oftentimes scattered, taken into captivity, hauled off to slavery and bondage in lands that were not their own.

All of the things that happened to My people were simply because they stopped listening to My dictates and refused to obey the commands I had given to them in order to keep them under the covering of My mercies. Because they got eyes full of adultery for the ways of the heathen, they went a whoring from Me and took up those acts and actions that were evil and a disgust before Me. Consequently, they lived in misery rather than mercy, and only when they repented and cried out to Me were they regathered as My people and then did they know the blessing of being together again.

Stop and consider how important it is that as My people you maintain your integrity with Me and walk uprightly in the way that I ordain and provide. When you are coming forth in the way that I intend, then you will want to do My will rather than rebel against it. I absolutely do not want you to be in rebellion; I want you to be in obedience, for this is the time that I the Living God am pouring out My Spirit upon all who will come under the flow of the same.

This is a time when people are lost and are seeking to find a better way, other than the way that they are in. Therefore, I will not leave them to wander in desolation, but I will bring them together again, and so shall they be My people, and I will be their God.

Those who are in subjectivity to Me will not be left to be eaten by wolves, nor will they be overwhelmed by the demon forces that are so evident in these times. Rather, they will be given My light on the path and My strength to come forth in the way that is My righteousness revealed. When people are given the privilege to be gathered under My covering, they are indeed shown mercies and miracles that only I can give.

Do not be hasty to imagine that the heathen have a better way. They do not, and although I reach out to them in mercy, that does not mean that I admire them. No, they are foolish children who are purposed for destruction and damnation and are therefore desperately in need of redemption and the covering of My Spirit over their lives.

Therefore, when you see Me reach out to the unsaved, do not be angry because they are full of sins and are vile. Instead, rejoice that they are given the hope that is only to be found through the blood-bought salvation that comes by believing upon Jesus Christ as My Son and receiving Him as Savior and Lord.

I know that all have sinned before Me and that none is worthy in and of themselves. Yet, by the forgiveness mercies that are provided through Jesus, those who are hungry will be fed the words of life, and those who are thirsty will be given the living waters to drink. When I send forth My Spirit messengers to bring in the lost sheep, they can be found saved from the penalty of their sins as they believe and obey the Spirit commands.

I do not want those who already believe to be jealous of the newly converted. Rather, I want them to be welcoming those who were lost in desolation into My fold. Stop and consider that there are no people who are perfect, and I do not want you to see the imperfections of those who are newly redeemed and reject them for their problems.

Reality is that I call My people to die to themselves and to take up the way that I provide, and this means that those who are full of the problems of their own wrong choices need to trust Me. It is not by the works of righteousness that any are saved; it is by the mercy that I give and also by the truth that they are given.

Therefore, in these dark and evil times the reality is that ALL peoples are in need of Me to bear rule over them. Of course, there are more who will refuse and go on in their own hell-bound deceptions. Yet, I am not defeated by the stubborn and proud who are ruled by demon powers. Instead, I send My Spirit forth to give the call to ALL, and those who hear and obey will be brought forth in My way and know that they have found the way of life.

I do not expect those who have been in deep sin to continue in their sins that people would admire My mercies as they abuse the same. No, My expectation is that they would cease from their sins and come forth made glad that it is Me that they serve and obey.

Do not waste your time doing what the demons want you to do. Rather simply obey Me and know that I will guide you forth, and you will be rejoicing to realize that you can be My messengers to this sin-sick world. I do not want you to look for those who appear to have their lives together and imagine that these ones are pleasing Me. They are not. Instead, be faithful messengers and give forth the call that Jesus declared: to repent and return to Me as the Creator and Father of all humanity.

Jesus did not set up His own ministry and seek fame and gain in the declaration of the message I sent Him to declare. No, He remained faithful, true, and obedient, even until the end. He did not back off because of the pressures of persecution coming from the religious, who hated to see the power manifest in Him. Inasmuch as they had no power, they were jealous. Do not be jealous; be zealous for Me.