Obey, Then When You Pray, I Listen

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is vitally important that you walk in obedience to Me, for when you are in obedience, then I listen when you pray. There is no need to be as the foolish who waste their time in disobedience then wonder why their prayers are not answered. It is simple: The life, My life, is given to those who obey.

I do not respect those who are willfully disobedient, because they are in essence despising Me by their choices to rebel and have their own way. However, they are stupid, for little do they understand that the seeds of rebellion come from the devil, who used such on Eve to deceive her in the beginning. Then, she in turn used her newfound capabilities of rebellion and passed the same on to her husband, and he in turn partook of the forbidden.

In doing things their own way, they took all of humanity into rebellion against Me, and consequently they were cursed and put out of the garden. Then, the entire human family was cursed because of their choices against Me. All that they thought to achieve, they lost, for they were deceived, and in the same conceived the devil’s seed, and the fruit of the same was bitter and their lives became hard.

Inasmuch as those who listen to demonic input and obey the same are deluded, so are they led farther and farther from My intentions for their lives, and they are taken in the way of the damned. It is My intention that people would listen to My Spirit and obey and likewise know that I hear them when they pray. Then their lives could and would be blessed, as they obeyed and enjoyed the mercies I have in store.

However, not all are willing to forsake what they believe to be their own way and come My way, and subsequently they do not prosper in My way. Rather, they are left in desolation and separation from Me and unable to receive the mercies that I have in store for those who do listen and obey. Therefore, keep alert and alive in My Spirit and make it your practice, your habit, to be listening to the voice of My Spirit rather than the many voices sent to deceive and bring forth corruption and destruction.

I do not want you to be left in desolation and separation from Me; I want you near to Me and living in the goodness that is meant for My people. I do not want My people to be in misery; I want them to be in mercy. Why not look at the fruits and see?

While the disobedient may appear to be prospering in this life, know that they are losing out with Me and that they will drink the bitter cup of agonies and torments in the end, for they do not make any gains in My kingdom and they are sent in poverty to hell, where they remain, unable to buy their way out of the anguish and torment.

On the other hand, the obedient will drink of the cup of My mercies and goodness continually, and they will be blessed by Me both now and in eternity. If you evaluate the lasting consequences of choices, then you will see that it is only the foolish who refuse to obey My Spirit’s voice and listen to demon voices.

Be thankful that you do not have to be found under demonic commands, but you can come forth under the commands given to you by My Spirit, for they are the commands that will cause you to walk in righteousness. Those who abandon righteousness to partake of wickedness are literally going after the pursuit of emptiness and insanity.

There are countless multitudes in these times who are rebellious and live in continual wickedness, and they are not at all prospered in this life. In fact, they are living out their days in hardship, misery, and wretchedness, and yet they are deluded to believe that they are doing what they want. However, despite all of their imagined freedom and liberty, they are perpetually dependent on the state or federal government to provide for them.

So, they must appear to obey the governmental demands and commands in order to secure enough food or monies to exist day by day. Because many of them are severely addicted, they spend what little they gain on their habits, and the consequences of their lives are bitter and empty.

So, for all of their delusion, they end up wandering in confusion and unable to care for and provide for their own basic needs. The freedom they thought themselves to have is nothing but demonic slavery, as they listen to the many voices that cause them frustration, vexation, and devastation. Their lives are without purpose, and they are driven insane and live under the anguish and torment of such continually.

Know that the choices each person makes to believe in Me or to believe the devil determine their own lives and the lives of those who will come after them. Oftentimes, people know acute sufferings in this life because they are under the curse caused by the choices of their ancestors. Consider that when I scattered people after they built their great tower, it was because of disobedience and independence from Me. Then they became unable to communicate, and knew nothing about their new environments, which were oftentimes very harsh and cruel.

It is foolishness to choose to live in rebellion and be cursed; it is wisdom to choose to live in obedience and be blessed. Each day, make it your habit to choose for obedience and the blessings of mercy that accompany the same. Do not be as the fools who perish in their folly and leave their generations to face the curses they left behind. Listen and obey, then I hear you pray.