Honored or Despised

I speak unto you this day and I say that people make choices every day, and they are the ones who are choosing to be truthful or liars. I do not want My people to be despised or despising Me by choosing to sin against Me. Those who defiantly sin while they are claiming to be Mine are in essence despising Me because they are choosing for wickedness rather than righteousness. In such choices, they dishonor Me and prove their lack of love for Me and disrespect for My way.

Stop and consider that those who are wanting to do things their way are actually in rebellion, because they do not put down the old nature, and yet they want to claim that it is Me that they love. Hypocrites and pretenders they are, for they are speaking words of love while doing deeds of iniquity. I am not blind, and I will honor those who honor Me by obedience to Me. Likewise, those who despise Me by disobedience I will despise, and they shall live under the curses they have chosen by their sinfulness.

I do not want you to live in the realms of the cursed, the despised, who are steeped in lies and continue in such misery because they love their sins. When you see those who are loving to sin and imagining that they are beautiful, that they are wonderful, that they are supremely superior, know such ones are full of pride and are grossly deceived and deluded.

I do not find pleasure in fools, and those who are willfully becoming shape shifters by choosing sin and wickedness above My way while posing as though they love Me, are double minded and unstable. My Son, Jesus Christ, was not in any way double minded. He was who He proclaimed that He was, and He still is My Son.

It is He who gave His life that others would believe upon Him and repent of their sins and be found in the family of the redeemed. There is no other man or woman who has ever done such for those who have hated and lived in sin and debauchery. He alone came to save the lost, the dying, the perishing, and He continues to reach out to those who are in captivity to sin to set them free.

The ones who receive salvation and appreciate the same will be uplifted and guided by My Spirit, and they will bear witness of My kingdom, not only in their words but in their deeds. The ones who are full of deceit and do not want to let go of the same will make claims of love for Me while they live in sin and love their sins more than Me.

If anyone will truly keep their salvation, they must learn to die to themselves and live only for My intentions and not their own. When you see the ones who are sinning and then claiming that I still love them in those sins, know that are on their way to becoming shape shifters because they are welcoming demons of deceit.

The more that people yield to deceit, the more demonized they become, and in their demonized condition of wickedness, they end in wretchedness. The end of those who are despising Me is never sweet and merciful. Their end will be bitter and miserable, and hell is waiting to embrace such fools.

Do not be fools. Rather be wise, for you are adhering to Me as the One who has given to you the mercies found through Jesus rather than the miseries found in the devil’s playground. Those who think that they can play on both teams and come out winners will find themselves losers because they lose their physical, mental, and spiritual lives and are set up for insanity.

You are living in times when many are acting the parts of those who are loving and concerned. However, they are not loving anyone or anything other than themselves. While they offer their therapies, they themselves are playing a part and inwardly despising My way. Therefore, their counsel is for death rather than life, and they make great gain off of those they convert to their twisted concepts of right and wrong.

Be aware that I send you My Holy Spirit, and the same will guide you forth in the way that I have intended for you to walk in. As you will be obedient to that way, you will not be found among the damned. Make up your minds to choose the mind of My Spirit, for the same is meant to be life, love, and light to you. Do not walk with those who are shape-shifting deceivers who are deceived themselves and deceiving others. These persons are transformed into all manner of wicked and evil forces that are sent by the devil to infiltrate and destroy My people.

As you pay heed to the voice of My Spirit, you will not be beckoned by the many voices of demons that want to bring you into bondage and captivity to sin. The ones who disregard the still small voice of My Spirit will not be honored by Me, for they are despising Me through their choices for rebellion and sin against Me. Because they prove that they despise Me by their sins, they are attempting to convince and corrupt others into the same wallow of filthiness that they have resorted to.

When you see those in such conditions, admonish them, and if they hate you, shake the dust and leave them to their own despair and desolation. Those who continue in sin and masquerade as shape-shifting “Christians” are most despised by Me, for they are attempting to drag others who believe into the captivity of darkness that is damning. Therefore, mark those who want to put on displays of love while their hearts are full of deceit and cunning craftiness.

Those who sin literally prove they despise Me. Those who walk uprightly will openly display that they honor Me, and I will honor them.