Converted or Perverted?

I speak unto you this day and I say that in these times, those who are claiming that they love Me are going to be completely converted by the pressure of the times, or they are going to be totally perverted by lies. At this time in the world, the number of liars telling lies is increasing every day, and people are found living in delusion, confusion and craziness, and loving it so.

I do not want people to be under the curses of craziness and by the same to live in disruption and destruction. It is My intention that the ones who are Mine would walk uprightly in the way that I intend, and by the same be brought forth by a plain path, giving Me thanks and praise. However, what I intend and what people choose to do are oftentimes the very opposites of one another.

By their rebellion against Me, My people bring to themselves troubles that I did not intend for them. Then, because of those troubles, they are left isolated and desolated, desperate for something, yet not willing to cry out to Me, because they have gotten eyes full of adultery and have gone a whoring after the world and the ways of the heathen and are far from My intentions for them.

Be aware that I am not calling you to be found perverted in the ugliness of these times when people no longer know even who or what they are. Instead, they are full of all manner of wickedness and corruption, committing those things that are abomination before Me then declaring they have done no wrong. The truth is that they are not only doing wrong, but are growing strong in the sins they love more than Me.

This comes about because they have stopped choosing for Me and have instead chosen to give themselves over to the multitude of other gods, other lovers. When people become infected with rebellion, they will live in the perversions that are common in these times and believe they are just all right with Me.

Nonetheless, I call for the ones who will be completely converted to trust in Me, for I am their source and their strength. Those who answer My call and come unto Me will find that they are not under the coverings of deception that are of demonic conception. Rather, they are brought closer to Me because they are accepting what the Spirit speaks and obeying the same. They do not have wandering eyes, ever looking for some “new thing” of the world to enchant them and entice them away from Me.

Therefore, in these times of ugliness and sorrow, do not act as though there is no tomorrow awaiting you. Reality is that whatsoever people choose to believe determines whether they win or lose. There are endless multitudes who are losers in these times because they are choosing for the vanity, the profanity, and the insanity of the times rather than choosing to walk uprightly with Me.

I absolutely do not want My people to be found entrenched in the enticements of sin and unable to extract themselves. I want My people to be found in the freshness, sweetness, and submission that comes when My people love Me first and foremost and choose the pathway that I have prepared for them to walk in.

Be aware and alert to the fact that you are called and chosen, and it is My intention that you would walk in accordance with what I desire for you to do and not be found wandering in desolation and separation from Me. The more that you see how desolate the lives of those who have wandered from Me really are, the more that you will want to be near to Me.

Of course, there are many temptations to be found in this walk with Me, and I do not want you to be yielded to those temptations. Rather, I want you to be yielded to Me and walking under the mind of My Spirit, for the same is truth and will cause you to triumph.

I do not want My people to be the victims; I want them to be the victors because they are listening to and receiving sound instructions as My Spirit is giving to them the same. Know that you are not intended to be lured into the traps that will cause you to grow worn and weary; you are intended to be kept in the pathway of victory and to come forth as winners rather than losers.

Be thoughtful about what you allow yourselves to be directed by, and be willing to accept correction and the direction that I give to you each day. In the instructions that My Spirit gives to you is found the peace that I intend for those who are true to Me. To be in right standing with Me and remain in that standing is a very great and rewarding achievement.

Stop and consider how many of those who are claiming to be Mine are caught up in the web of the world’s empty achievements and are receiving rewards that pass away and are nothing before Me. They are covered in worldliness rather than godliness because they are giving themselves to other masters, other gods, and they will have only emptiness in the end.

I do not want you to be so stupid as to follow the ways of the world and in the same prove to be unfaithful to Me. You are called and chosen for My intentions and purposes, and if you are choosing those, you will not find yourselves left in desolation and despair. Rather, you will be uplifted in the joy of My presence as you are giving Me thanks and praise.

Do not go down under the pressure of the times as so many have done. Rather realize that you are meant to be completely converted and coming forth victorious because you have been made clean. Thank Me that My Spirit is in you and with you to direct you in the pathway that is eternal life in Me.