Deliverance Comes to the True Ones

I speak unto you this day and I say that deliverance is always available to the ones who are remaining true to Me, for I do not forsake them. Rather, when they are found because of the plots of the wicked to be in great peril, it is Me the Living God who is available to deliver the ones who remain true to Me.

In these times, there are unfortunately multitudes who are expecting that I will deliver them, yet they are unfaithful and untrue to Me. In fact, they are completely absorbed with what they want to do rather than what I want them to do. Because they are proving their own infidelity by their actions, when they cry out to Me, I do not hear them.

Those who worship idols and include Me as one of the crowd are fools, because I will not be put among their idols to answer their pleas and their cries that they can give credit to dumb idols! No, I demand and command them to worship Me or suffer the consequences of their offenses against Me. I am not a god who is dull and dumb, blind and deaf and unable to respond. No, I am ever alive and aware of the attitudes, actions, and reactions of the ones who are claiming to be My people.

Therefore, if you hear of woeful tales from those who have claimed to love Me yet they are not true to Me, do not sympathize with them, for they are by their own choices betraying My trust in them. I do not want you to be found as betrayers who love and make a lie. I want you to be true to Me and steadfast in your commitments to Me as the author and the finisher, the Alpha and the Omega.

It is disgusting to Me when My people, in the drunkenness of pride and arrogance, imagine that I am so needy of them that they can treat Me with utter contempt and I will be ever present to help them. When they are in such mindsets, they prove over and over that they are not worthy of My Son’s sacrifice and therefore unacceptable before Me. I do not need those who are hell bent on having their sins and inwardly justifying themselves in committing those sins.

When you see the ones who inwardly are disrespectful and disobedient towards Me, do not be deceived by their high-sounding phrases and honey-coated lies. These ones are full of cunning craftiness, for they want to bring others into the same sins that they are in. Then others will be overtaken, overwhelmed, and devoured by demons.

I do not want you to be overwhelmed and overtaken; I want you to walk uprightly in the way that I intend and provide. The reality is that the more you pay heed to Me, the more you will be uplifted and directed by Me and enabled to partake of the mercies that I have in abundance for My true ones. The testimonies of the faithful will be of My goodness, mercy, and faithfulness to them, as they have trusted in Me. They shall indeed bear witness of the many times they have experienced My deliverance given freely to them as they have cried out to Me in their neediness.

Be alert and actively aware that in the so-called Christian circles there are in these times many who are literal shape shifters, who are putting on the masquerades of being believers while they are messengers of the devil. Such ones as these love to take others into captivity and cause them to become slaves to sin and the darkness of the same.

I do not want you to be found with such workers of wickedness, for they are infectious and definitely carriers of deadly diseases of body, soul, and spirit. Know that those who are easily embracing such messengers as are sent by the devil and accepting them without seeking the counsel of My Holy Spirit are receiving demonic infiltrators as though they are true believers.

Those who have discernment will see the corruption of such demon-inspired messengers and warn others of the same. However, if leaders are only concerned with increasing numbers and not guarding the flocks, they will easily accept such thieves and liars as new members. Then, these carriers of death will infiltrate and infect any who draw near to them and will cause rebellion in the congregations, which will cause troubles never ending.

I do not want My true ones to be found in fellowship with those who are working against My desires and are full of demons and do not want to be delivered. I want My true ones to be alert in the spirit dimension in order to cry out in protest against the ones who are vile and of evil intentions.

Do not shun the gift of discerning of spirits, for the same is vitally important in keeping My people healthy in their fellowship with Me and other believers. I intend that those who are loving Me would be aware that not everyone who says, “Lord, Lord” loves Me. In fact, in these times of spiritual darkness and demonic invasion, there are many congregations that are full of pretenders, shape-shifting beings who are of the devil.

I do not call My people to be so dull as to not be able to differentiate between the precious and the vile and then to act as though someone else is to blame when they fall prey to the pretentious sent to destroy. Keeping these things in mind, come under the covering of the Holy Spirit daily, that you will be guided in the mind of My Spirit.

As you are guided by My Spirit, you will see clearly the traps and snares that the demons lay for those who are not alert. Refuse, refute, and rebuke demons of death. Stand for life.