Sick by Sin or Healed by Faith

I speak unto you this day and I say that everyone is given the opportunity to turn to Me through repentance unto My Son Jesus and be healed of the sicknesses and wretchedness that comes from living in sin. However, not everyone will take that opportunity, because most prefer to worship their idols and live under the darkness of demons.

I did not create men and women to be ruled by demons. They are the ones who are choosing such misery and loving it so, because they are sick by their sins and dependent on their idols who do nothing for them. Those who reach out to the mediums of darkness to receive their counsel will receive nothing from the same except more and more increasing darkness and wretchedness in their lives.

The more that people are trapped and ensnared in the foolishness and the stupidity of idolatry, the more that they commit abominations and by the same are a grief to Me. I never intended for My very own creation, humanity, to be bowing to dead gods and worshiping the same. When you see the nations that are steeped in generations of darkness because of the sins of their ancestors, know that those nations suffer continually under My wrath, fury, and indignation.

Likewise, there are hidden sins that are being committed that are extremely vile and cruel, and oppression of the poor does not stop. When there are found a few [of My people] among such darkness, know that these fight a tremendous battle to serve Me, and it is Me who will hear them and do miracles for them in their desire for My kingdom.

It is not a waste to reach out to those in darkness and to see that I the Living God can redeem them from the prison house they have been locked into by the demon powers that have taken them into captivity. It is My joy to see those who have been blind receive their sight and those who were dumb be enabled to speak. Know of a surety that I sent My Son to earth in order to set the captives free and to see them made strong as they are healed by their faith and confidence in My Son and their willingness to walk in His steps.

Therefore, do not be discouraged by the condition that people are in. Rather know that it is Me the Living God who has created them and that I can and will cause the ones who choose My way to be brought forth in My glory. Indeed, it is by the goodness that I give that people are given the opportunity to be born again of incorruptible seed and to walk uprightly. It is indeed a pleasure to Me to see men, women, and children come out of the darkness and into the light, love, and life that I have prepared for them.

Repeatedly, I move by the power of My Spirit and I give forth the call to those who will hear and obey to come unto Jesus, who will give them the rest in their weary souls that they are so needy of receiving. Do not believe the liars who want you to believe in their powers. Those who come unto Me through and by Jesus will be given the Holy Spirit, and My Spirit will lead and guide them into all truth.

When anyone is walking in truth, they can see the absurdity of living in sin and being directed by demons. Likewise, they can see the utter dumbness that comes over those who are worshiping idols. I do not want you to be found as an idolater; I want you to be those who know My Son and are found giving thanks and praise to be redeemed. These things in mind, do not be yielding to the utter wretchedness and weariness because you pay heed to the shape shifters who are demonic in origin.

In these times, the devil is working overtime and sending forth demonically inspired men and women who are literally able to transform themselves and be as shape shifters, very deceitful and manipulative. These forces use the powers of fear and anxiety to take control of people and hold them in the bondage that they put upon them.

This war in the spiritual realms is increasing daily as souls are being captivated by the enticing enchantments that the workers of wickedness use on them to bring them into deception. I do not want you to live in deceptions; I want you to live in the truth and be found strong in faith rather than weakened by sin.

The misery of sin is never shown when the enemies are attempting to lure in the naive into their webs of wickedness. Rather, they are given a delusional outlook, and in their lack of perceptions, they fall for the delusions that bring them into the traps that have been set for them. If you could see that the end of sin is death and to worship idols is useless, then it would make sense to you why I want My people to listen to My Spirit and not be seduced by shape shifters.

Remember that when the serpent enticed and enchanted Eve in the Garden of Eden, he did so by his lying words and the doubt as to the importance of obeying My commands. He weakened her in her faith in Me, then offered her the powers that only I had, that those could be hers. So, she was seduced then likewise enticed her husband.

Then, because they both disregarded My command to them not to eat, they fell into sin and brought the curse of death and damnation upon humankind. Even the earth became cursed by their disobedience and rebellion against Me. So it was that humanity became sick by sin, and their lives were under misery rather than mercy.

I do not want people to remain under the curse; I want them to come into the freedom that is offered to them by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. It is My joy to see people healed by faith as they shed the grave clothes of sin.