Rebellious and Reprobate

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who sees the rebellious and reprobate who lose grip on reality because of their sinfulness against Me. When men and women have been given positions of power in My kingdom then they have turned aside from Me to worship idols and commit abominations, I the Living God am disgusted with them.

In these times when there are many who have done these things, I don’t expect My people to remain true to such vile and corrupted people who have been overtaken by demons and love it so. It is not My intention that those who are Mine would be found bowing to idols and committing abominations as do the heathen. Rather, it is My intention that those who are Mine would be coming forth knowing that I am the God they are meant to serve, follow, and obey with all of their hearts.

I do not find pleasure in those who are full of conceit, deceit, and easily overtaken by demons and who live under the control of demon spirits rather than under the control of My Holy Spirit. It has never been My intention that those who are claiming to be Mine would go into spiritual harlotry and be found bowing to idols and committing abominations.

When those who are claiming to love Me do such things, they are not found well pleasing, and in their rebellious and reprobate behaviors they prove they are liars. I will cause such ones to suffer the consequences of their choices both in this life and in the life hereafter.

When you see leaders who have taken out any mention of Me and made the same to be illegal in their nations, know that those ones are likewise to be found under My wrath. If you consider that it is Me the Living God who has created heaven and earth, I am very sorely displeased with the ones who are insisting and persisting in pursuing those abominations that I despise. I had My people overtake the nations in the land of Canaan, for those nations were full of abominable practices and proved themselves to be vile.

I absolutely do not want those who love Me to be found accepting the rule of such rebellious and reprobate leaders, for they are fools in My sight. Those who claim to be Mine yet easily bow down to the criminal corruption of such wicked leaders are held accountable before Me. Know that My Spirit is giving forth the call for My people to come out from among those who are full of vile and wicked deeds.

I want My people to come into My Presence through the leading of the Holy Spirit and likewise be kept in the way that I intend for them to walk in. I do not want My people to remain in the clutches of wicked men and women and to believe the lies such leaders speak in arrogance every day. These leaders are full of idolatry and abominable practices that I abhor.

Therefore, I do not want My people listening to such men and women as though they are meant to follow them. I call My people to come out from under the vile coverings that are over them and not accept the coverings of wickedness as though I want them to be ruled by such corrupted leaders.

Therefore, if those who claim to be Mine remain subject to the rule of the rebellious and reprobate and want to claim that I desire them there, they have become rebellious and reprobate themselves. Those who see the difference between the precious and the vile, when they hear the call of My Spirit to come out from under the rule of the wicked, will obey and be kept.

Be thankful this day that you do not need to see yourselves as the citizens of this world and therefore subject to the wickedness of rulers who are bent on destruction and damnation. Rather, you can be aware that you are the citizens of My kingdom, only passing through this world and the wickedness of the same.

I do not want My people to linger and listen to the boasting declarations of proud men and women who are drunk on pride and the power they imagine themselves to have. If My people linger too long, they too will become contaminated and corrupted and unable to flee from the prison houses of pride and power lust.

Be thankful this day that it is Me the Living God who gives to you exactly what you need to come forth, ever made glad that I am who I say that I AM. I do not make proud boasts of power lust and pride, because I am the One who has created heaven and earth and given life to all that lives, both on earth and in the waters. There is no man nor woman who can do what I have done, nor is any nation able to stand against Me and remain.

Keeping these things in mind, know that I will punish the rebellious, the resentful, the wanton and worldly who do not keep faithful to Me. In these times, those who linger will in essence be hopeless as they will not find anything from their lingering and will be unable to flee from My wrath, fury, and indignation when the same comes upon them.

Therefore, in these times of vanity, uncertainty, perversity, and insanity, be thankful that you are not being led by the rebellious and reprobate. It is a privilege to be led forth by My Spirit and given My light, My love, and My life. Do not turn aside to any other god, nor commit abominable practices and use Me as “insurance against destruction.” Those who attempt to do so will find that their insurance is not valid and that I do not withhold My wrath from them.

Be thankful that it is My Spirit you can follow and obey each day so you can serve Me in obedience and joy because you are walking uprightly.