Repeated Sins Are not Forgotten

I speak unto you this day and I say that those who are living in repeated sins are not forgotten and it is Me the Living God who comes with My swift sword and renders justice against the ones who imagine that they get by on Me. The truth is that when peoples, tribes, and nations sin against Me, they bring down upon themselves what they justly deserve, because by their deeds they prove themselves to be unworthy and of course unrighteous.

I do not want those who are Mine to be walking afar off from Me. Rather, they are meant to keep their vision single, that is, upon Me, and to know that I am the God of mercies given unto them repeatedly. When any people will choose to violate Me and go a whoring after the ways of the heathen, they are proving themselves to be unfaithful. If they continue in compliance with the demons they are controlled by, they cause harm to My true people, then it is Me who will cause harm to them. This is because they are sinning continually against Me, and I do not forget their sins.

I the Living God am very protective of My true people, and when I see the ones who are set out to destroy My people, I grow angry with such ones. This is because they are acting in such ways as to prove that they are full of the devil and operating under the commands of demon spirits. I do not owe anything to the devil and his demons except to give them the punishments that they deserve.

When people are so stupid and easily led astray as to take up the ways of demons and obey the same, they are proven to be unworthy. Then, when they become repeated and unrepentant sinners, those sins are not forgotten. When any people attempt to harm the true believers who are following Me, such people become targets of My wrath. Likewise, if they continue in such a course, whether locally, nationally, or globally, know that I do not forget their sins and I will punish them for the same.

Those of you who are Mine know that I am with you and I protect and provide for you when others are left desolate. This is because you are true to Me and honor Me with your minds and hearts as they are single towards Me. I do not leave the ones who are true to Me to be eaten by the wicked who only want to expand their borders and have more and more because of their greed. Know that My people will be kept by Me, and I am the One who can provide for them even when the enemy forces imagine they have finally “killed them off.” My people are not easily killed off; they are given new hope, new mercy, and new life every morning, as it is Me that they look to and believe in.

When I have stated that I will continue to protect and provide, know that the same is true and I do not withhold any good thing from those who walk uprightly with Me and come forth in My way. Therefore, do not be frightened nor deluded by the bragging words of the proud oppressors who want only to destroy you. Remember that it is Me the Living God who is ever present with you, and it is Me who does guide you forth in the way that is merciful and miraculous.

There are times when My people appear to be defeated by the repeated sins of the wicked against them in attempts to destroy My people. However, I am jealous over My people, and they are not easily defeated when it is Me the Living God who has given to them the weapons of their warfare.

This is why My people are expected to make use of what it is that I give to them and not neglect the same. The more that they will keep their vision single and upon Me, the more that they will realize how important it is to keep clear and clean with Me. All of those who are true believers will believe and obey the commands that My Spirit does give them, and by the same they will be continually uplifted and encouraged.

Stop and consider: When the army of Pharaoh was sent to murder My people in their exodus out of Egypt, it was Me the Living God who opened the Red Sea, and My people walked on dry land by My miraculous provision. The soldiers of Pharaoh’s army perished in the waves of the Red Sea when they attempted to follow My people and the waters closed in upon them. They did not get to partake of the miraculous dry-land pathway because they intended great harm to My people.

Over and over throughout the history of My people, I proved that I was able to protect and provide for them. I have not changed in My motivations towards those who prove to be true to Me, for I will bring My vengeance on all of those who imagine that they can do harm to the ones who are Mine.

Therefore do not believe the threats of the wicked against you, for they are proven to be utter and complete fools who want only to see you dead and destroyed. However, you will see that I do not forget their repeated sins, and the time of My wrath, fury, and indignation will come and they will be unable to escape the same.

Look at the example of Noah. As he believed Me, so did I protect him and his family when I brought the great flood. All who had mocked him and remained repeatedly sinful perished in the flood. They could not enter into the ark once the waters began to rise and the doors to the ark were sealed. Their destiny was sealed because they caused it to be so by their choices to mock Noah and keep on sinning against Me. Be thankful that you do not have to sin repeatedly, but you can through salvation gain dominion over sin.