Believers, Be of One Heart and Mind

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be of one heart and mind and consider that you are all a part of My divine love family. I do not want My people to be holding their possessions as their own, but I want them to be sharing with and caring for one another. I do not want My people to look to the world as their primary and only provision, for even when I give My people favor and they are provided for by the world’s system, it is Me who does it. That is, I am the source of all increase of provision that is in and with My people, and I want My people to share mutually and be thankful that it is Me who is their source, their strength, and their safety.

I do not want My people to live in the fears that cause the heathen to rage and the nations to plot against Me. Rather, I want My people to be in quiet confidence, knowing that it is Me the Living God who does provide for them continually and who is their source and supply. When people are under the torments of fear, they will be reacting to those fears, and they are unpredictable as to what they will do.

Therefore, be thankful that you are not under the fears that beset them, but rather you are under the peace that I will and do provide for you at all times. I do not want you to be going down under the worries, the anxieties, the uncertainty and the insanity that is possessing multitudes in these times. Rather, I want you to keep yourselves in continual confidence in Me, for I am the One who has given to you the way of eternal life in Me.

As you are obedient to follow the commands and dictates of My Spirit, you will not be made ashamed, nor will you be left alone. My Spirit is continually with you and in you to guide you forth in the way that I intend and provide for those who keep their confidence in Me. Therefore, in this adulterous and perverse generation, keep steadily looking to Me, as I am the One True God whose mercies remain ever present to the faithful believers.

I do not want My people to be arguing and fighting among themselves, for to do so causes contention and separation from My purposes and plans. Do not think that you are always right, for to do so is to be proud and inflexible. I do not want you to be living in pride; I want you to be living in trust and confidence in Me as the One who guides you forth by a plain path and directs your steps.

As true believers in My Son Jesus, follow His example of humility and willingness to share and care for others. Jesus did not put Himself in the place of preeminence and pride. Rather, He remained flexible and trusting in My directions to Him, and as He put My will above His own, He did not resist Me and seek to establish His own way. Rather, He gave an example of the harmony and unity that We had with each other before He came to earth as a man. He was in subjectivity and humility and knew that it was His cup to do My will, even to the laying down of His life on the cross in order to be in My will and purpose.

Therefore, be looking to Him as the pattern Son, follow in His steps, and realize that your lives are not found in the dead and weighty possessions that people sell their souls to gain. Do not live in selfishness, for the same is the place of dissatisfaction and loneliness. More and more people are found going in the way that is deadly, because they want their way and the same is nothing but the way of corruption and criminality against Me.

I do not want My people to live in direct opposition to Me; I want My people to live in cooperation with the mind of My Spirit and to come forth knowing of a surety that it is Me they are meant to please. If those who are claiming to be Mine would really live in the message that Jesus came to deliver to them, not just in His words but in His deeds, they would realize that it is imperative that they follow in His steps. The more that believers will adhere to the way that I intend, the more that the world will take notice that indeed My people have found the better, higher way.

I have never intended that My people would walk afar off from Me and be found going in the way of fools because they have yielded to demons rather than Me. You are not meant to be under the pressures of demons day after day; you are meant to walk uprightly and know that I am who I say that I am. I have given to you all that you need to walk uprightly and be an example of the life that is love and light and found in and through the salvation given by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Therefore, be glad each day that you can hear and obey the commands and dictates given by the Holy Spirit and in those directives be in the straight and narrow way I intend. The sooner My people come into cooperation with My Spirit’s mind, the more that they see the benefits of living for My way and My kingdom.

If you stop and consider how brief life on this earth really is, why would you want to be cut short? I do not want you to be preferring yourselves and living in the desolation and the despair that befalls the world’s people because they are without hope. When people are living in opposition to My way, they cannot be at peace, for their hearts are far from Me and they are found in the desperation of greed.

I do not want you to be in greed; I want you to be in the joy that comes as you are of one heart and mind with other true believers and knowing the goodness only I can give. Be willing to share and to care for each other, and the world will see the example of true love.