Put Me First and You Will Be Blessed

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is important that you put Me first in your lives and keep Me as the One you are meant to please and serve with all of your strength, your resource, and your hearts. I do not want those who are claiming to be Mine to be living for themselves and imagining that they should be blessed by Me. Why should I put My blessedness on those who are living in selfishness and greed?

You are living in times when the multitudes are struggling and looking to make gain, yet they are not prospered, and they find their resources being drained continually by one thing or another. However, this is because they are not walking in closeness to Me, nor are they listening to the voice of My Holy Spirit. Instead, they are being directed by spirits of worldliness and they are adhering to the world’s wisdom, which is foolery before Me.

I do not want to see those who are Mine having miserable lives; rather, I desire for them to live lives that are filled with My mercies. However, if they allow themselves to listen to many masters, they will not be able to put Me first. This is because they will put themselves first and find that they cannot be satisfied. Do not be like those who are so yielded to worshiping themselves and making sure that they have their desires, not what I desire for them to do.

There are some who do not give Me their first fruits and then, if they make an offering to My servants, the same is done begrudgingly. They begrudge honoring the ones who are dependent on Me for their resource, and they want their offerings for themselves. Such offerings as these I do not count as acceptable before Me, because of the resentment behind the same.

Do not be putting yourselves first, for the same will prove to be a great and lasting disappointment in your lives and in your hearts. Consider how important it is that you put Me first at all times, and as you do, you will not be left with ruined endeavors, for I will bless you. I do not expect you to live in wretchedness and misery when you are claiming to be My people. However, where you live is dependent on your attitudes towards Me and whether or not you keep Me as your first love.

If I give you an increase, you are meant to give thanks and honor Me by seeking Me as to what you should do with the increase. You are not meant to assume that any increase in riches you may receive is for you to squander on meaningless and fruitless vanities.

I do not want My people to be squandering the resources that they have then wondering why they are not as prosperous as they imagine they should be. The reality is that those who are putting Me first are going to be enjoying the benefits of My goodness extended to them. The ones who are putting their own lusts and greed as preeminent will find that they have put their resources into bags with holes and they gain nothing back from the same.

I do not want My people to look at the treasures of this world as worthy of selling their souls for. Stop and consider that you cannot take anything with you, and when you are assuming that what you want is most important, you have stopped loving Me.

When people depart from Me and go a whoring after the ways of the world, they will draw misery to themselves. Likewise, I will not bless them, for they are choosing to be cursed because they are serving the world and the vanities of the same. No longer do they put Me first or seek My Holy Spirit’s counsel on their spending, because they see everything they gain or have as their own.

I never established My people to live in such lifestyles of self-indulgence as they are in and to find themselves with nothing in the end because they did not gain heavenly treasures. There are many sorrows that will come to those whose hearts are hardened against Me, and this applies to peoples and to nations. I do not bless nations that have known of Me then turned aside to the vanities of the world and imagined that the same are their treasures.

What does it profit anyone to gain the world yet lose their soul? What do nations gain when they do not invest their riches in honoring Me and are squandering and wasting what wealth has been gained from the labors of the people? I hold highly accountable those people who are in places of responsibility for leading the people who support them into ditches of muck and mire.

If you take a hard look at what the world terms “economic distress and failure,” it is because I am not being respected, nor are My purposes being put first. There are many so-called religious nations that are guilty of gross sins, misuse of monies and resources, and neglect of the people they rule.

Those who are true to Me and keep Me first in their lives will be blessed by Me, for I will prosper them in their souls, and they will have riches stored in heaven. I do not want My people to be under the curses of the heathen, nor do I want them living their lives on earth in continual misery. Therefore, know that it is most important that My people honor Me with their first fruits, not begrudgingly, but with the attitude of gratitude. The primary focus that My people are to keep is My desire and intention for their lives, putting My purposes first.

Do not look to satisfy self and live in luxury, for the same is a trap and a snare. Look to put all of your spending under the Holy Spirit direction, that you do not labor in vain. Put Me first and be blessed by Me and know the goodness and mercy that I have in preparation for you.