Power Outage

I speak unto you this day and I say that while men are living under the continual fear of power outage, they do not fear the fact that I can bring a power outage that is much worse if I darken the sun and there is no light. What people are failing to consider is that it is Me the Living God who has control over all of the powers of light and darkness, and it is Me the Living God who can easily remove the light and leave all in darkness.

Likewise, it is by My mercy that I give the power of spiritual light in this sinful world of evil and wickedness. If I were to withdraw the spiritual light, the world and the populations of the same would experience the greatest power outage known to human existence upon this earth. If you stop and consider that it is Me who has given the light of life unto the world, to lose that light would bring forth nothing but darkness and the stumbling and falling when there is no light to walk by.

It is sad that people do not respect and honor Me for the light that I have given to them both through the sun and through My Son Jesus. Without light and the shining forth of the same day after day, people would find their lives to be almost impossible if the power of My light were withdrawn. Be thankful that you can experience the light every day and live under the benefits of such light as I give unto humanity to make their lives worth living.

There is an attempt by the wicked to entirely do away with the spiritual light that I have put in this world. These wretched workers of wickedness imagine that they know a better way. However, these fools are grossly deceived and deluded by the drunkenness of their excessive pride. While they see themselves as gods capable of bringing forth a new and better way, all that they can do is bring in the same uncertainty, insanity, and profanity that they themselves are in. I do not call them there, but they are self-appointed leaders of the New Age Cult of Crazy Confusion that is gaining ground as people who were once normal are taken over by demonic beings.

I do not want My people to give up the light that I have given to them through Jesus Christ and come under spells of these wizards who are enticing and enchanting the dull into their webs of deceit and death. It is not My desire for My people to stray from the light and be engulfed in darkness, despair and death, then end in damnation. I have given to My people the light that they would walk in the same and declare that light to the people who are bound in darkness and in captivity to demonic control.

When men, women, and children will behold the true ones who are living, walking in, and declaring the light, then they are given a glimpse of a hope that they live without every day in their dark worlds of demonic drudgery. I want people who have been deceived by the shape-shifting liars who have taken control of them to be made aware that Jesus Christ is hope and light.

Be thankful that you are given My light and that you are not experiencing the power outage that these souls live under every day, as you have been given the goodness that only I can provide. Be thankful, for I am who I say that I am, and you can indeed be kept by and through obedience to My Spirit directives and commands given freely unto you.

It is indeed a great privilege to be in the light that I provide and to know that as you are adhering to My Spirit, the demon spirits are revealed and exposed. My people are not meant to be in darkness nor the captivity of the evildoers who want them there. Instead, they are meant to walk in the freedom they gain through the truth that My Spirit leads them in. The more that My people are given the truth, the more that they are freed from the chains of sin and darkness that Jesus came to free them of.

When you really consider the magnitude of the light that I allow you to walk by, do not be even listening to the shape shifters who are proclaiming their false lights and the enchantments and enticements of the same. Remember that the broad way is full of enticements, enchantments, and webs of deception that will take you into captivity and darkness.

I do not want you to be in darkness; I want you to be in the light that I alone can bring, for you are the children of the light. Do not ever be ashamed of the light that you have been given, Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord. Instead, continue steadfast in Him and realize that He is the Savior and Lord over your lives, and you are privileged to be redeemed by and through His sacrificial blood that was shed for you.

I desire that My people would realize that they have been purchased with a great price and they are to have respect and reverence for Jesus at all times. When people are truly serving Me in the attitude of gratitude, they will not want to hide the light, but will let it shine that those in darkness may see and believe and likewise receive Him as the light come into their lives.

In these dark times, when evil powers are threatening to bring about great power outages and leave people without their techno devices, many are trembling in fear because they are techno addicted. However, just stop and consider that this world existed and people got along just fine without the bondage of techno addictions. I want My people to be free of such addictions and the fears that accompany the same and to be thankful that I have not brought the power outage ending in spiritual darkness.