Werewolves in the White House

I speak unto you this day and I say that there are literal werewolves in the White House in Washington D.C. These creatures are forces of cruel and unrelenting wickedness and are released at demonic command. These shape-shifting beings are capable of causing great harm mentally, physically, politically, and spiritually.

Because the wicked are in rule over the nation, there has been a greater invasion of wicked spirits that are causing havoc and ruination to many who are unaware of the existence of such creatures of destruction and devastation. Be aware that when nations depart from Me, then more and more they will experience the demonic invasion that is showing itself in these times.

Do not imagine that I am unaware of the works of darkness. I see all that men and women do under the powers of wicked spirits, yet I allow the ruination because people have lost their respect and reverence for Me and no longer cry out to Me in their neediness. Instead, people have turned unto idols and have chosen to become involved with characters who have been craftily invented to lead them into the foolery and folly of idolatry.

Stop and consider the endless array of idols that are currently being worshiped in this nation of spiritual harlotry and idolatry. It is truly disgusting to see the images and figurines that the multitudes have gone after in their quest to satisfy themselves. Yet, they never find satisfaction because they are not faithful to Me.

Believe Me, there are demonic powers that are in high places throughout the nation. The biggest nest of them are gathered in the White House, and there they are demonstrating the darkness of demonic rule. In these times, these shape shifters are turned lose and go throughout the land, causing troubles to multitudes, and no one seems to discern or understand why. That is because evil beings like werewolves are considered to be mere folk tales, so such possibilities are not considered as realities.

However, the wickedness and the darkness that come in waves are real, and people are swept over by the same and become literally possessed of demonic powers because they have no power to resist, refute, and rebuke. I do not intend for people to be left in such a defenseless state of being, but they are there because of their own choices against Me and My kingdom. Therefore, they are turned over to the very powers and characters they have yielded themselves unto to be in spiritual union with and to obey.

Know of a surety that I do not call them to such self-imposed destruction; they take themselves there by their abandonment to ruination through abomination. The forces of darkness that are being evidenced more and more are not surprising if you have understanding of the spiritual warfare that is ever being fought for the souls of lost humanity.

When those who claim to be Mine have yielded themselves to worldliness, they have stopped fighting for My kingdom. By their harlotry, they have ushered in the invasion of werewolves and wizards, who are causing great and lasting harm to vast multitudes. Vile and corrupt activities become everyday behaviors, and the White House is now the Party House for those who are full of lust, greed, perversity, and technological terrorism.

As so-called advancements are being made off of government funding, scientists are busy crafting their various inventions and pharmaceutical concoctions for population control. Therefore do not be naive about the degree of degeneration and degradation that people will succumb to when they are under demon inspiration and infiltration. These are times when the inroads of insanity are mounting everyday as people are being consumed and taken into captivity to the corrupt and wicked leaders who are themselves in captivity.

While the world and national leaders at this time want to project themselves to be one thing, realize that they are shape shifters who are enabled to become destructive and deadly in a moment. They are not to be respected nor trusted, for their faces are false and they are geared for the agendas of the wicked wizards who are high realm workers of darkness and death.

Because the multitudes accepted the craze of death worship and the promotion of darkness, they are found bound in the same. Depression, despair, and the desire to die are the lifestyles that multitudes are locked into day by day. No longer do the youth aspire for goals of light, life, and love. Rather, they are hooked into the drugged out death culture, and their goals are to become werewolves and wizards themselves for the destruction of all that is decent and upright.

Rebellion is the root cause of these many evils that present themselves as the optimum choices and endeavors. People willfully choose to pursue careers that take them right into the heart of the beast and they willingly participate in the destructive intentions of such inventions for money and power.

These are idols that have enticed and enchanted them to believe that they will receive so much more as they sell their souls and the souls of their families and friends for their own supposed gain. However, in their gambles they are the ones who lose, because they choose to be under the coverings that will take them into the depths of iniquity, where they end in hell forever.

The reality of these times is ugly and becomes more hideous by the day. Yet, I will keep My people who keep themselves for Me and partake of salvation.