Cannibalistic Communism

I speak unto you this day and I say: The reality of the encroaching evil is ugly and growing uglier by the day because of the forces of darkness that people and especially leaders have yielded themselves unto. In the vicious and all-consuming lust for power, men and women will stop at nothing to achieve more and more power and control. This is because they are being covered by demon forces of cannibalistic communism that bring death and destruction.

Long-forgotten primitive forces of evil are resurfacing, and so-called civilized people are resorting to such forces to achieve their insane agendas of power lust and totalitarian terror over the masses. The degeneration and debauchery that are co-laborers with the forces of destruction are bringing people down to levels of abomination and atrocity that were not even imagined possible in times past.

Be aware that I am not mocked, and such ugly and obscene forces as these are proving themselves to be ripe for their own destruction. The sad fact in all of this is that people have yielded themselves to powers of darkness, and in the destructive process they will not only die, but be found bound in hell forever.

While those who have been captivated by cannibalistic communism are so proud of their efforts and achievements, they live in delusion and confusion, for they do not take into account that they do not have the power they think. The reality is that I am, I have been, and I always will be the force that remains almighty, and after proud, power-hungry fools have been devoured by the same cannibalistic communism that controls them, I remain.

I have seen men and women come and go upon the earth, and believe Me, their end is bitter, and all that they thought to achieve by their wicked doings ends them with absolutely nothing but futility and emptiness. Therefore do not be enticed to follow them, but rather be uplifted to give Me the thanks and praise all of your days. Know that I do not withhold from you any good thing, but I provide for you such as you need. This does not mean that you will not undergo suffering in this wicked and corrupt world. However, you will be blessed if you endure such sufferings and keep steady in the pathway that My Spirit will guide you in.

Do not assume that you are meant to give up in anguish and yield yourselves over to those things that cause calamity and craziness. Rather, you are to resist, refuse, and rebuke evil forces. When My people are serving Me in the attitude of gratitude and My Spirit reveals to them the shape-shifting agendas of the wicked that are transpiring in these times of trouble and terror, they are not to pretend it isn’t so. Rather, they are to realize that multiplied souls are in the balances and to cry out for men, women, and children to repent and return to Me as their Father.

I do not want to see people destroyed because of the cannibalistic communism that is the governmental covering of this covetous nation. It is My desire to see them repent and return to Me, that their souls can be spared from eternity in the agonies of the damned as the fires of hell are ever burning. This is why it is important that My people continue to keep their confidence in Me in the midst of the crazy, cannibalistic communism that is parading itself as the ruling force at this time.

When those who are true to Me remain steady and keep their hope and confidence stayed upon Me, they will not be made ashamed, nor will they go under the terrors that paralyze. Rather, they will find themselves enabled to endure hardness and go onward in the war for souls because they are covered by My Spirit, not the evil spirits of death.

While the devil and his demons can use many masquerades to cover their evil intent, they are not deceiving Me, and My Spirit will enlighten the true believers to see the shape-shifting agendas of the wicked. Inasmuch as these evil forces are adept at pretension, it is Me the Living God who will reveal them in the fullness of their absolute wickedness, and many will be shocked.

I do not intend for My true believers to be shocked, for they have been made aware of the depths of iniquity that humans are capable of when they are under demon possession. Those who are controlled by demons will become so obsessive in their death crusades that they themselves will end up not only dead, but damned forever and ever. Therefore know of a surety that I do not want you to be kept in the closet, hiding out from the liars and deceivers. I want you to be following My Spirit in the crusade to free the enslaved from the captivity they are in under cannibalistic communism.

In these times of fearful hysteria, keep yourselves in subjectivity to the mind of My Spirit so that your carnal mind does not take control and lead you under the crushing powers that want to conquer you. As you continually give verbal and mental approval to My Holy Spirit commands, you will not be led astray.

There are many voices of demon powers that are ever enticing and encouraging the multitudes to sin and keep on sinning like there is no tomorrow. Fools they are who hear such commands and follow the same, for they are being led into their own damnation, from which there is no way of escape.

Make it your practice to commit and submit yourselves to Me every day through obedience to the Holy Spirit’s commands, and do not be eager to follow the foolish enticements of wickedness and end in wretchedness. Stay steady in your vision and your intention to follow Me in all that I ask of you, and be knowing that I as the Almighty am the victorious who remains.