Perception or Deception

I speak unto you this day and I say that I desire and require that My people would be attentive to the perception that is given to them through and by the Holy Spirit. When the ones who are claiming to be Mine will be alert and alive in the Spirit dimension, they will not come under the deception that is so common in these times. Inasmuch as the devil and his demons are openly in war with the ones who walk uprightly in Me, I desire My true ones who are the target of the wicked one to stay attentive to what the Spirit speaks.

These are times of war on every hand, and just as there is war being manifest in the physical, so is there war in the spiritual dimension. The devil and his demons are using their vast arsenal of weaponry to bring people into captivity to lying wonders and malicious magicians. This they are doing in order to see as many destroyed through deception as they can bring under their control.

Consider that there is another dimension than is clearly evident with the natural eye, and in this dimension there are battles going on for human souls as the wicked attempt to outdo My mighty army. However, even though the devil and his demons are capable of deceiving multitudes, those who are given divine perception will not be under demonic deception. Likewise, they will be given insight into the deeds of the workers of darkness. This insight is given to them so that they are not deceived and can warn others of the dark powers that are ever lurking and luring people into death.

The reality is that the faster the world moves, the more unresponsive most people are towards Me. This is because they are ever rushing and rushing in order to stay above the drowning waters of death that are taking many down into economic, political, natural, and spiritual death.

I do not want My people to be caught up in the crush of the rush whereby they have no time or energy for Me because they are in the trap of the world’s values. When those who are claiming to be Mine get their eyes off of Me and onto the world, then they are eager to go after the goals that have no purpose in their eternal destiny and only cause them to lose their love for Me. I do not want My people to become loveless and therefore lifeless because they have taken up the ways of the world and yielded themselves to demons.

These are times when My people are meant to stay fully alert and alive in the spirit dimension where the battle between good and evil is continually raging. The war goes on because men, women, and children are ever being encouraged by the devil to yield to the works of darkness and by the same to be overwhelmed and overtaken.

I do not want My people to be among those who are captivated by enemy forces because they did not receive divine perception of the deception that was invading them. Realize that those who are Mine are not meant to be dull and dumb because they have settled themselves in a rut and want to remain there.

Stop and consider how many there are who are claiming to be Christians, yet their lives are worldly and their behaviors are wanton. They are literally shape shifters who put on a show as though they love Me, but they do not. These ones are infiltrators and spies who are present in many churches and gatherings, and they are demonic plants who are sent with the agenda to kill, steal, and destroy.

Know for a surety that I am sorely displeased when those who should be watching and guarding My people do not perceive the wickedness of these malicious magicians who cast spells over people. I will indeed punish those leaders who have been taken over by demons and are in captivity to the agenda of darkness that brings damnation of souls. Do not imagine that you must be in cooperation with such forces simply because these leaders are demanding obedience to their despotic demands.

This is the time when I the Living God am bringing down those who are demons in disguise, as they have deceived many with their capabilities to alter their actions and transform themselves to appear to care. Such ones as these care nothing for anyone, because their hearts have become as stone and they only are concerned with their own well-being. However, in their selfish pursuit of their agendas and goals, they are nothing more than the puppets of the devil and his demon forces.

There are leaders who have completely abandoned themselves to the works of wickedness to the extent that they live in the instability of the insanity that has taken over their minds and their actions. I am allowing the entire world to see Me bring My vengeance down upon them, and they will be defenseless against the same.

No matter how far advanced people imagine themselves to be, without Me they are only advancing to their own destruction and damnation. Do not be deceived into thinking that I do not see the wickedness that is ever present, for not only do I see it, but I will bring it to total ruination and devastation as I will expose the deeds of those who are demon controlled.

These are indeed times of treachery and debauchery, as the crush of the rush has caused multitudes to become totally possessed by fears of all kinds and unable to perceive their need of Me. I do not want My people to be found under the spell of shape shifters who are literally malicious magicians working their tricks on all who are gullible enough to believe such liars. My people are meant to seek for divine perception by the Holy Spirit, that they are not found in deception but instead are abiding in the truth.