Blind by Choice

I speak unto you this day and I say that there were in the days of the pilgrimage of My Son, Jesus, those who were choosing to be blind because the same accommodated their hypocrisy and pretension. The leaders who were over My people did not follow Me, nor did they listen to the words of rebuke and admonition that Jesus came giving to them. Instead, they preferred to go on in their own ways, for the same provided for them power over the people and prosperity from the offerings of My people. They did not care about the sheep, and in fact, they enjoyed their own lifestyles and had no interest in the destiny of the ones they ruled over.

Those who are insistent and persistent in choosing spiritual blindness are mockers and scoffers because they are going after their own lusts and loving it so. They are in essence blind because they refuse to accept correction, and they do not love Me at all. In fact, they hate My way, which is righteousness, and they are walking in sinfulness and loving the same. While they are demanding and commanding that My people would do certain things, they do not do those things themselves, and by their own choices, they prove they are dumb as well as blind.

Do not go after the blind guides, for they cannot lead you in the way that is My intention for you. Rather, they will lead you into a ditch, and there you will remain because the ditch is full of muck, mire, and the filthiness of fornication and every other unclean and perverse thing.

In these times, I’m openly exposing and showing the utter wickedness of leaders in power, both religious and political. This is because I am sorely displeased with them, and they are proving to be profane and insane. They do not ask for guidance in their despotic and irrational decisions, which make it very apparent that they are fools and incapable of ruling justly.

Be aware that I do not want My true believers to assume that they must come under the coverings of such ridiculous idiots and then suffer unnecessarily for false submission. Sad to say, many of those who claim that they are My people are easily led astray as they are in false submission to the commands of demonically inspired leaders. By submitting to such commands, they are failing to pay heed to the commands of My Spirit.

Be glad that you are not meant to function under false submission and by the same become blind. Rather, you are to be submitted to My Spirit and in obedience to the commands that I give to you, which will further you in the way that is eternal life with Me.

All other ways that men and women project as the ultimate are nothing but deceptions and are sent to cause people to become blind and dumb. My way is the only way that leads to eternal life with Me. When people succumb to blindness and dumbness by their own choices, they are literally choosing for damnation because they will be taken in the insanity of these times.

I do not want My people to be swept up in the waves of darkness and iniquity that are raging on the sea of iniquity. No, I want them to maintain their separation from the world and the profanity, vanity, and insanity of the same.

When any people will accept the covering of the Holy Spirit over their minds, they are kept in clarity, and they will move in sanity and security because of the Spirit’s guidance over them. In fact, they will bear with the times and not become overwhelmed by the madness that is prevailing, because they are kept in the safety of Holy Spirit directives.

There are multiplied ways that people are choosing to become blind and remain that way because they do not want to make the effort to resist, refuse, and rebuke demonic suggestion and pressure. They would rather just drift along and hope that somehow they will be found all right with Me. Whether or not they will be found “all right” is relative to their intentions and choices.

I do not want My people to be led about by blind guides because they are too slothful to pay attention to the consequences of following the fools who have no love nor concern for them. The truth is that My people have the perfect guide in the Holy Spirit, and that is who they are meant to follow, not men and women who are falsely posing as the experts and perfected. The reality of life is that no leaders can possibly know what is best if they have refused to seek their counsel of Me and go in the way that I intend for them to walk in.

Be aware that you are not meant to go a whoring after the world, nor to follow in the folly of fools. Rather, you are meant to maintain the status of righteousness that I desire of you and walk in the same. It is only the fools who are so drunk on pride and self-esteem that they are blinded by their own choices. Do not associate with such ones and let them become the rulers over you, and by such, take you down into the mire of sinfulness that will only end you in ruination and damnation.

When you hear of those who are obviously living in confusion and delusion, beware of them, for they are the blind who are professing themselves to be great, when they are openly displayed as fools. You are not meant to be involved with fools; you are meant to be involved with Me and to walk in the way that I give unto you, for that way is life, love, and light.

Do not ever choose for darkness and blindness because of false submission. Instead, be willing, ready, and enabled by My Holy Spirit to fight the good fight of faith because you are keeping your confidence calmly stayed upon Me.