Wasters End as Wanderers

I speak unto you this day and I say that you are living in a time of gross wastefulness, when resources of every kind are being used up as though there is no tomorrow. People are wasting the precious gift of life that I have given them. They are wasting their offspring, even putting to death those babies conceived yet unwanted. They are wasting the children they do have by failing to discipline them and raise them in the way that is right. Likewise, they are wasting their monies, their time, their strength on sin and the accompanying addictions of the same.

Multitudes are involved in serving idols that are absolutely useless, senseless, and lifeless, and they gain nothing from their pursuits. As people chase the wind and indulge themselves in self-indulgent and lavish lifestyles, they gain nothing from their folly. So many are as the prodigal son given for an example in the written Word. He wasted all of his inheritance on riotous living and overindulgence of his fleshly lusts. Then he was destitute and homeless, cursed to live with and feed pigs to keep back starvation.

By wasteful habits, multitudes are cursed and end as wanderers, because they easily squander when they should serve. It is a grief to Me when people prosper yet do not use the prosperity that they gain to help others who are less fortunate. Instead, they develop in selfishness, greed, and overindulgence in various areas that bring them to ruination. Subsequently, there are increasing numbers who are enlisted into the vast army of wanderers who are spread out over the nation.

These ones, being cursed to wander, are unable to regain that which they wasted, because they refuse to save instead of spend. Their habits and actions are without restraint, and they live it up when they gain by charity in their meager lifestyles. This all comes upon those who are insistent on wastefulness and wantonness, and they remain as wanderers because they did not use with prudence the resources they had in their lives.

This curse is evident among nations who refuse to curb their greediness and lust for gain and consume with no thought for the future, nor for their own generations, if they haven’t murdered them off. Because of the sins of greed, lust, and covetousness, nations spend up billions on useless and endless wars and lose millions of lives, only to make gains of lands that are in ruination.

Over and over throughout history, this saga has been repeated. Yet, because of pride and contempt for the way that I have intended, people, leaders, and nations refuse to live their lives in satisfaction. Instead, they are ever prompted to have more and more and to gobble up all of the land, water, and natural resources that they can get their hands on.

They do not respect nor honor the fact that I have given to them the good earth and the resources contained in the same for the lasting habitation of endless generations. No, instead, the generations that are wasteful end up as wanderers because of their own self-indulgence, greed, overconsumption, and never-ending pursuit of anything and everything they can possibly gain.

What is gained by greed unrestraint? Emptiness, futility, lack of respect and regard of anything and anybody other than themselves become permanent lifestyles and modes of behavior. Then, when nations end up in total ruination, and the land is unusable, and bodies are strewn everywhere, and only the buzzards enjoy the carnage of war, what is proven by it all? Simply that men and women left to themselves will literally destroy themselves because of the sinfulness of their carnality and the demon powers that incite the same.

Therefore, do not resist and resent godly wisdom, and pay attention to the guidelines that I have given to humanity through the godly wisdom found in the Bible. When people will choose to live by divine guidance, they are ensuring themselves the abundance of goodness that I have in store for those who will choose for life rather than death. Do not be like the arrogant, the senseless, the defiant, and the demonized who want only to go their own ways and persist and insist on having things their way.

What is it that is gained by refusal to receive and walk in the way of righteousness? The gains of rebellion are useless, and those who persist and insist on rebelling against Me will be cursed and will live out their days in the futility of opposition to Me as their Creator.

If you stop and consider, it is Me the Living God who has created and given life to all humanity, and those who want to walk any other way than My way are rebelling against My purpose. When in the drunkenness of pride and haughtiness of contempt towards Me, people take themselves under the curses that are the cup of the proud and haughty, and they become totally unreasonable and uncontrollable.

There are endless nations that are remembered no more because they refused to listen to the wisdom that would have kept them from the wasteful and wanton ways that caused them ruination and devastation.

Do not choose to waste and live as though you owned the world. Stop and consider: Why do you persist and insist in gaining more and more treasures that you cannot take with you? Those treasures, those riches are being used for emptiness and vanity, and such will entice you to inwardly brag on how great you are and to want to flaunt before the needy how much you can waste on indulgences.

Remember the story of Lazarus, the beggar, and the rich man who lived in luxury. The rich man ended damned, and Lazarus was received in heaven.