Destitution Because of Prostitution

I speak unto you this day and I say that these are times when untold numbers of those who have been professing to be My people are found in destitution brought on because of their prostitution against Me. I know the ones who are Mine and remain true to their covenants with Me. Likewise, I know the ones who go a whoring then wipe their mouths and claim that they have done no evil.

The ones who have prostituted themselves to the world and gone after idols stand as rejected by Me, and it is Me who will bring them down, with the very riches they have accumulated through their sins being devoured. This will happen to them because they have chosen for sinfulness. I am sorely displeased with them and find absolutely no pleasure in them because they have given themselves to other lovers, other gods.

It is indeed a serious matter when people have known Me and known My way, then choose to violate their covenants with Me and go after strangers as though such ones could do for them what only I can do. These ones who show their lack of integrity of relationship are not worthy to be called My people because they want the way of foolishness. Then, when they find themselves in destitution from their prostitution, they will cry out to Me, for their lovers and their gods have failed them.

How many times must I put up with such people as though they were of value to Me? Literally, the time comes when they are cut off from Me and the resources that only I can give. Then they are left in the destiny of damnation and must wait out their time on earth in hopeless despair.

I do not long for them, for over and over they have proven themselves to be rebellious and worthless, and I have rejected them. The rejection that they undergo will be the consequence of their transgressions, and there is none to blame except themselves, for they are wicked and wanton.

Do not mourn for the rejected who are rebellious, for by their own choices and desires they have proven themselves to be unworthy of Me. I do not want you to imagine that you are obligated to such ones to pray for them, for when I reject them, it is because of their repeated violations against Me. I do not want you to side with the wicked who have wearied me through their repeated wanton and whorish behaviors.

Believe Me, they will attempt to buy their way back to Me, yet how can they buy Me off with the hire of their harlotry? They will not, for I do not receive the hire of their harlotry, and I will leave them in the very destitution they have brought forth by their choice for prostitution. I do not listen to the prayers of those who are living in pretension because they love and make a lie about their affection for Me.

This is the time that I am showing forth the absolute filthiness and uncleanness of the ones who are continually criminals in their conduct. Inasmuch as they have repeatedly chosen for transgression, the same will be judge over them, for they do not walk in integrity. Instead, they choose to abandon themselves to the profanity and insanity that the demons they serve command them to obey. They are quick to follow demon commands, while rebelling and resisting the commands of My Holy Spirit.

This issue of rejection and rebellion brings many troubles to those who are living in the same, partaking of the wickedness and wantonness of worldliness, then claiming it is Me they love. It is not by their flattering words about Me that they display who they love; it is by their choices and their actions. Because of what they choose, they lose out with Me, and as the liars they are, so shall they be left in open shame, with no one to blame.

Far too many in these times will not accept responsibility and accountability for their actions. Instead, they prefer to go in the way of transgressors, and that way is hard, for they have chosen the abomination that will end them in damnation of their souls. There have been, and such are now, times that will prove what people are, and they will reap according to their actions rather than their words.

Be glad even this day that you do not need to enter into the folly of fools and likewise become losers. Rather, you can maintain the integrity of relationship with Me, which ensures you of My mercy over your life. It is the fools who invite misery to themselves by their own choices for harlotry rather than integrity. As you are serving Me in the attitude of gratitude, you will not be left in the desolation and isolation that come upon the ones who are convinced that they are in right standing with Me when they are not.

Thank Me that you are being guided and commanded by My Holy Spirit and that you are not left to be subject to the demonic spirits that are running wild in these times. You are not intended to be in desolation and isolation; you are intended to love and serve Me because I am your Creator and the One who loves you more than you love yourselves.

The more that you maintain your covenant with Me, the more that you see the blessedness that I give to the ones who are true to Me. They do not end in the destitution of prostitution as do the fools, for I give to the faithful the rewards they so justly deserve. Likewise, the liars and pretenders receive the retribution of their reliance on other lovers, other gods, who will not help them at all in their hour of desperation brought on by their separation from Me by their sins.