Repent or Receive Retribution and Retaliation

I speak unto you this day and I say that I the Living God am just and I desire that men, women, and children would repent of their sins and come forth rejoicing to be redeemed. However, because of the rebellion of these times, the sins that people commit against Me are ever increasing. This increase is because the world and especially the nations that are supposed to be more advanced are in rebellion and resentment towards Me.

Therefore, as I am pouring out My call to repent through messengers being sent forth by My Spirit’s commands, be aware that I do not want My people to be under the retribution and retaliation that will come to the unrepentant.

I do not strive, nor does My Spirit plead with men and women forever in calling them to repent of their sins and walk in the way of My righteousness revealed. It is not My intention that people would abandon themselves to the wickedness, wantonness, and waywardness that they are in. They make such foolish and diabolic choices because their hearts are far from Me, and they are deluded to believe that they get by on Me.

When any people are far from Me and living under the constant bombardment of demon forces, they will act out the commands of demons rather than the commands of My Spirit. In the commands of demons there is found much sorrow and misery, because men and women are wanting what I have forbidden. Because of the coverings of demons, people become dumb and are led in the course of their own destruction and the damnation that results from the same.

I do not want My people to be punished with the sinners who are refusing to repent, for they have the light and are meant to walk in that light. Needless to say, what I want for My people and what they do under demonic inspiration and rebellion are completely opposite. I do not call My people to commit more sins than the heathen, yet when they are yielded to the demonic, they become chronic in their sinfulness. In fact, their habits are full of wickedness, worldliness, and wanton behaviors that are abomination before Me.

Inasmuch as I am the God of righteousness, I want My people to follow the commands of the Holy Spirit and to live in My way of life, which is meant to enhance them in godliness and the blessedness I give. It is My intention that people would come forth knowing how important it is to serve Me or perish in sin. Those who pay heed to My Spirit and are willing to live in humility and repentance will not suffer from retribution and retaliation, for they will be sheltered by Me in the times of My wrath revealed.

Likewise, those who are choosing to be losing by walking afar off from Me will come under the rain of wrath that I will bring down upon the rebellious who are choosing their vile and wicked ways. I do not want people to perish in their sins, yet they are. This comes about when the hearts of men grow more and more sinful and their deeds cause them to develop in the absolute and absurd insanity of these times.

When I made man, I made him upright and gave him commands that would have kept him in harmony with Me. The hard life that came upon man because of disobedience and rebellion against Me was the retribution for the sinfulness he indulged in. People are dumb when they operate and cooperate with demonic inspiration and obey corrupt commands of demons rather than the righteous commands of My Spirit.

Consider that I am just, and when I bring forth My retribution and retaliation, there is no people, nation, or laws of men that can stop Me. I am the One who is humbling the proud and causing them to know how low they can be brought under My wrath revealed.

There are some who will be confident in Me and trust My Spirit during their personal humblings, and they will repent and remain in right standing with Me. Others will become more proud and angry when their sins are revealed. They will be adamant in their anger against Me and My messengers, for they refuse to repent.

Be serving Me each day in the attitude of gratitude, for while I am the One who is able to bring down proud people and proud nations led by insane and despotic leaders, I am also the One who keeps the humble. Do not yield to pride in any of its many forms, for to yield to pride is to take on the death and damnation that are the reward of the proud. The closer you move with the commands and guidance given by My Spirit, the more the eyes of your understanding will be opened to perceive and receive the light that I give.

While the world is bound in darkness, those who choose to obey the Holy Spirit rather than the evil spirits will be found in My safety and sanity. I did not intend for humankind to self-destruct. That is the work of the devil and his demonic forces that influence people for death rather than life.

You are not meant to be destroyed nor damned; you are called and chosen to come forth rejoicing in the power of My presence and the glorious light that I provide. Know that it is Me who is your Creator, and as you give honor and obedience to My intentions for your lives, you will be able to bear fruit for My kingdom and to labor in accordance with obedience rather than rebellion.

As for the vast multitudes who choose to rebel against the call to repent, know that they will end in the agonies of the damned, and in this life they will suffer from retribution and retaliation for their choices against Me.