I Will Crush the Proud and Haughty

I speak unto you this day and I say that while people are boasting that I am coming soon, they do not realize that the day that I come will be a day of darkness and gloominess. This is because I am coming in My wrath, fury, and indignation, and I will crush the proud and haughty throughout the earth. Those who have imagined themselves to be indestructible will be destroyed, and those who have lived under the delusion of their own powers will be left powerless. This I will do to reveal to the world that I am and always will be the Almighty and My kingdom is eternal.

While proud men and women as well as nations have established themselves as being far above all others including Me, I will bring them down with the crushing of My fist of fury against them in their insanity. I do not put off My wrath forever, even though I wait and wait upon the wicked to repent. When the time comes for Me to come in open display of My anger, there is no man, woman, or nation that can stop Me.

If you stop and consider how far people have deviated from Me and gone after the ways of wickedness, you will see that it is the manifestation of rebellion and ensures them the destination of hell forever. While leaders are blinded by pride and arrogance, they will find themselves unable to lead anything, for they will become utterly helpless in the face of My wrath revealed. Those who have trusted in their earthly riches will find themselves left destitute and begging for even a morsel of bread. While they lived in fine houses and dined in luxury, they will end in homelessness and hunger.

Be aware that I do not tolerate the sins of those who choose purposely in rebellion and revolt against My ways, for I am wearied with their eternal worthlessness. Because these ones have chosen the rule of demons over their lives and hated My righteousness, they shall reap in sorrow and misery if they remain alive.

Each day, they will be faced with terror, dread, and despair because they will know that the retributive justice that has been brought upon them will continue for the duration of their lives on earth. Then, because they are locked into pride and contempt, they will face eternity in the agonies of the damned, with no relief from such torments.

The reality is that no matter how great and glorious men and women may esteem themselves to be, they are literally nothing before Me. This means in essence that when I rid the earth of their wickedness and the stench of their rebellion, it is the time to rejoice and give Me thanks and praise.

Do not be eager to pursue your own understanding, for it is darkened and will cause you to come under the wretchedness and weariness of carnality. I call and choose My people to walk in the path of the eternal kingdom; I do not call them to be overwhelmed and overtaken by the distresses of the wicked.

Therefore keep under the mind of My Spirit and obey the commands and dictates of the same. It is not yours to fully understand everything that I do; it is yours to trust and obey. When you are committing yourselves to be content in My will, you will not be vexed continually with worry and vexation over the present or the future.

Realize that I hold your lives in My hands, and I will not abandon you as you maintain right standing with Me. It is Me the Living God who can and will give you mercy even in the midst of misery. Likewise, when the storm of My wrath is raging, I will provide for you the place of refuge from the storm. Therefore be thankful that it is Me the Living God who is bringing to ruination and damnation the proud and haughty who have lived out their dreams and schemes only to receive My divine justice, ending in hell forever.

Inasmuch as multitudes who never even believed in hell or scoffed the concept of the same are found in the chambers of hell, it is evident that what men and women believe is not what is true. While people are drunk on pride and power, they live in the realms of delusion, confusion, and arrogance. However, the time of My destruction of their realms of power and pride is here, and I will bring them down to grovel with the poor because they have oppressed the poor and needy in their greed.

Be thankful that it is Me the Living God who is openly displaying My power in these times, and rejoice that I am restoring righteousness in this earth. Be serving Me in the attitude of gratitude as you walk in humility and subjectivity unto My Spirit.

I have given to you My Spirit to lead and guide you in the way that is righteousness revealed. The more that you will remain in that way, the more true light you will receive. When you see the ones who are purposing themselves to indulge in the darkness of the world, know that they do so because of their own evil hearts.

As My true and united believers, I want you to be subject to the searching of the Holy Spirit and to accept the correction and instruction that are given to you. Do not be as those who lash out when their pride is revealed and refuse to relinquish the same to be crucified.

Pride and haughtiness will bring about ruination when people are so confident in themselves and what they have done and can do. They will find that their earthly riches can be devoured and destroyed by the very demons who motivated them in their greed.

Likewise, all that they had confidence in will be made into heaps of rubble before them, and they will see how really dumb they are. Yet, if they refuse to repent, they face ruination and damnation as their crown of shame.