False Witnesses Are Doomed

I speak unto you this day and I say that those who are false witnesses are doomed by their own lies and delusional tales. I do not want My people to be caught up with the lies of false witnesses and giving sympathy to those whose hearts are far from Me. If you stop and consider, I have never intended for My people to be caught up in the dramas and traumas of liars who are bearing false witness continually.

If you take a good look at the times you are in, what do you see? You will see liars and schemers, deceivers and demons who have taken up positions of leadership and are falsely proclaiming themselves as perfect. Yet these ones are full of delusions, as they are esteeming themselves to be perfect when they are everything but perfect. In fact, they are full of falsity, instability, and insanity. Yet, because of the coverings of demons, the majority of the people will believe the lies of these false witnesses. They go under the coverings that lead to depression, despair, death, and damnation.

I do not want My people to be involved with false witnesses, for the same will put on a show of loving Me and it is not Me that they love at all. In fact, they are loving to live in the cunning craftiness and deceptions that will cover their sins, as they are living in lies likewise.

When I look at the conditions that people are found in by their own choices, I could easily give up on the majority of humanity and bring down My wrath upon them. However, if I were to do so because they are so ugly before Me, I would take away the opportunity that I give to every man, woman, and child to choose for Me rather than go in the ways of sin and darkness.

If you stop and consider that I am the Living God, I can literally bring to life those who are the walking dead who are bound in trespasses and sins. Be thankful unto Me this day that you do not need to see utter destruction come to all. As I am moving by the power of My Spirit and men, women, and children come into true conversion to Jesus My Son, they change. Even some who have been blatant and arrogant are humbled to see themselves for what they are, and they will cry out to be forgiven of their sins.

False witnesses are literally converted to become true witnesses for My kingdom and the power that is found in and through obedience to My desires and dictates as given through the Holy Spirit. Many will be bold in declaring that Jesus Christ is the true King that every knee must bow unto as they have been converted by repentance unto belief in Him. No longer will such ones be found bound in trespasses and sins, and by their redemption they will put to extinction their former lifestyles of sin and degradation.

Reality is that it is Me the Living God who has given to the world My Son Jesus, who is the example of the true witness of My goodness, mercy, and compassion extended to sinners. When people come into salvation, then they are entering into the celebration of the greatest miracle in their lives: becoming new creatures in Christ Jesus.

No longer will they be enslaved to the lusts of their flesh and the death sentence of their own carnality. Likewise, they will no longer find thrill in the evil deeds and debaucheries they partook of continually, for they are as slaves who are freed from the captivity they were in, held there by demons.

Stop and consider that Jesus is the substitute for the sins of all humanity, and He is available to any and all who will believe upon Him and accept His offering with thanksgiving and gladness. Who else would die for those who are full of sinfulness, vileness, deception and death? Jesus is the complete covenant keeper, and He will come to whosoever will call upon Him in repentance and sorrow for their sins.

It is the time that I the Living God am bringing to doom the false witnesses in their lies, and if they do not turn from their wickedness, they will perish in their sins. Although they may attempt to justify themselves, there is no justification for the crimes they commit and have committed against true believers and against Me.

As you can see by the open displays that are being made manifest in these times, false witnesses are being openly displayed and shown to be the continual liars that they are. Then the decision to follow such fools or reject them in their lies is given to those who see such hypocrites revealed. Those who are full of lies themselves will ally themselves with the false witnesses because they are of the same breed and are driven by greed. Those who are wanting truth will accept the revelation of the revolting and repulsive nature of false witnesses and turn from allegiance to them.

I am bringing down the proud and exposing them in their delusion and insane lies, and all who will choose for such will be under the same curses and miseries as I am bringing upon false witnesses. The ones who want to come forth in sanity once again, will choose to walk in the pathway of hope that is offered to them through salvation.

Be glad even this day that you do not need to keep company with the reprobate who are choosing their own destruction, devastation, and damnation. Rejoice and give Me thanks and praise that you can be uplifted and knowing the power of My way above the power of demonic demonstrations through false witnesses.

It is Me the Living God who is restoring truth to those who are hungry and thirsty. False witnesses are doomed and damned.