Your God Forever

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not be lingering in fear and doubt when I give you the promise that I am with you and I will be your God forever as you walk uprightly before Me. I have never intended that those who are Mine would live in the vileness, the filthiness, and the ugliness of these times. It is My desire that My people would come up higher and walk in the way that I intend for them to remain in, ever thankful that it is Me that they can serve with gladness and rejoicing.

If you consider that I am the God of the impossible, then pray for the same, in the sense that you will be in cooperation with Me, and your faith will be for the impossible to be made possible through Me and My ability. I do not want My people to be putting limitations on Me as though I cannot; I want My people to be looking to Me and knowing that I can.

Be glad even today that you do not need to walk afar off from Me but you can come forth in Me, with your trust, your faith, and your hope stayed upon Me. Yes, I am well aware of the darkness, the dreariness, the gloominess of the times, and these are the results of people sinning against Me and rejecting My covering over their lives.

I do not want you to live in such places, for they are not My cup for you, as you are remaining in the straight and narrow way that I give to you and giving Me thanks for My mercies every morning. Remember that I do not withhold any good thing from you, and I remain with you in the presence of My Holy Spirit that is in you and with you.

Therefore do not allow the enemy spirits to take you under control through your emotions and your moods and lead you into captivity. The devil and his demons are at work against the ones who are in obedience to the commands of My Spirit. These wicked spirits are attempting to intervene and overwhelm them with the depression and despair whereby they will lose their vision and their energy for My kingdom.

However, I the Living God am moving by fresh outpourings, and the ones who will be attentive to Me will come forth enabled to know Me as their King and give Me thanks and praise each and every day. Therefore be ever alert, alive, and active in your relationship with Me, and do not allow your hearts to stray from Me and fall prey to the enticements of demons.

This is the time when I am revealing Myself as the God who is well able and the God who can and will do as I promise. I do not make promises to My people only to have them rejecting the same and walking afar off from Me, then be going under the dread and worry that so easily beset those who are intent on following after folly.

Why should you follow folly when you can follow Me as the One who is well able and who wants to show you that I am? Believe in Me and receive of Me. There are areas where the dark powers have taken from you what I have given, yet I will restore to you what you have need of. Keeping this in mind, do not grow weary in well doing; simply obey My Spirit steadfastly until the end because I have called and chosen you.

Be knowing that I see all of the evil that people are doing, and I will punish them for the same. I see the wicked rulers who have caused much bloodshed in their hubris pride and contempt for My way, and I will bring them down and destroy them and all of their schemes and dreams.

With this in mind, do not become overly involved in the troubles of the world, for the world will always have troubles and sorrows. This day, be serving Me in the attitude of gratitude because you are redeemed and able to go onward in My intentions for your lives here on earth. When the time comes for you to be offered, as you have maintained the standard of My righteousness, you will be ready and waiting with contentment for that time.

Therefore do not be as those who are continually living under vexation and torment and are being consumed in the darkness of these times. Why should you be living in the constancy of fear, doubt, and unbelief when I am the God of impossibility and I will be with you at all times?

Be thankful even today that I do not leave you in desolation nor despair, but I give you reasons to rejoice. Take stock and make a list of the good things that I have done and do for you each day, and you will see that yes, I am the God of goodness and My goodness goes forth to the ones who desire Me as their refuge and their mercy.

Do not imagine that you must go down under when you are called to soar above everything that would want to trouble and vex you. Give Me thanks and praise, and face each day with new expectations of demonstrations of My goodness to you. Absolutely refuse the cup of devils when it is offered to you, and accept with gladness the cup of My joy.

Be knowing of a surety that I will perfect you in purity, and you will see more and more that I am your God forever and I remain with you as you remain with Me. Do not allow the enemies to rob you of your joy by their accusations against Me and against My people. The reality is that you are, have been, and will be involved in the war for souls as long as you are on this earth.

With this knowledge, remain vigilant and allow the discernment of My Holy Spirit to work in your hearts and lives. If My Spirit speaks to you and forewarns, accept the warnings and you will be spared from unnecessary suffering. Accept the Spirit’s guidance each day.