Repent and Reform, or Be Rejected

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is the time for those who want to be spared from My impending wrath to either reform their ways and their doings through repentance revolution, or find themselves rejected. When any people are repentant and are actively reforming their behaviors, attitudes, and modes of conduct, they are pleasing to Me. I do not call men and women to live in rebellion against Me; rather, I call them to adhere to Me and be found coming forth in the goodness and mercy that I provide.

As is evident, multitudes are found bound in the chains of sin, and because they have long since forsaken Me, they do not have the strength nor the stamina to reform themselves. They live out their days in fear and uncertainty because they know that they are not “right.” The only way to really be “right” is for people to be in repentance and reformation of their ways and their attitudes.

All that people do apart from Me in an effort to change themselves really is replacing one bad behavior with another. I do not want My people to take up different sinful ways and then imagine that by changing their sins they are all right with Me. I have a way that is right, and if people are going to be all right with Me, then they are going to come forth in My way and not their own. I sincerely want people to repent and reform and come under the covering of My Spirit.

Consider that when men, women, and children are recognizing Me, they will have the way that I intend provided for them to walk in. When people are in rebellion against Me, then they will go in the deviate ways of the devil and his demons, and by the same are damned. It is senseless to be deceived, deviated, and damned by acting out the behaviors of demonic motivation.

I do not want people to be destroyed by trusting in the commands and dictates of demons and acting on those dictates to the point of complete devastation and destruction of others as well as themselves. Yet, when people are under the control of demon spirits as opposed to My Spirit, they are capable of much wickedness and unlimited corruption. I do not want you to be involved in such darkness and become reprobate in your thinking. It is My desire that My people would adhere to and obey the commands of My Spirit and by the same to be kept in the way that leads to eternal life.

In these times of increasing darkness, there is the need for people to humble themselves daily and to come forth knowing that I am who I say that I am. I do not want any of those who are Mine to be found under the coverings of demons and being devastated by the same. Therefore do not fail in changing and amending your ways, and do not hesitate to walk in that which I intend and ordain for you and be uplifted daily.

I do not want people to be depressed, oppressed, and devastated by the control of demons over their minds, hearts, and actions. It is My intention that people would know Me as their Father and to trust in Me as the One who gives to them such as they need.

If you consider how empty people are in these times, it is obvious that they have chosen to continue in the sins of their ancestors and be even more evil than those who were before them. As time progresses and evil increases, little do such blinded fools understand that they are invoking and inviting My wrath, fury, and indignation to be openly displayed upon them and their generations to come.

Yes, it is with sorrow that I look at the condition of humanity and see that they are living in indecency, instability, and insanity. When people are insane, they are left empty and destitute of the light that I have meant for them to walk in and be kept. Because they are refusing the call to repent and reform, they face with dread the consequences of their choices, and by the same they become more and more miserable and wretched.

Be thankful this day that you can continue to repent and reform those behaviors that the Spirit calls you to correct. Be glad even now that you do not need to react in trauma and drama if the plans I have given to you are thwarted for the present time. Instead, know that I the Living God have reasons for what I do, and those who will accept My reasons will not be in upheaval mentally and physically.

As you are in times of continual war in the spirit dimension and literal national and global upheaval and distress, do not be fixed in one mode. If I ask you to put off what I instructed you to do, accept the delay in the attitude of gratitude. When you will maintain the attitude of gratitude, you will see that I have reasons beyond what any can see or perceive and that trust means you live your lives one day at a time.

Ask any ex-man of war, and he will tell you that in the tactics and strategies of warfare, you must be willing to change your plans at any moment due to the workings of the wicked and the failure of obedience among the troops. Therefore, do not be troubled as the plans and strategies are changed. Simply trust and believe in Me, for I know the way that you are meant to go, and I will by My Spirit direct you in the same.

It is by goodness that I show you mercy every day and I provide for you all that you have need of. Do not look at Me with doubt and unbelief and imagine that I intend evil and not good for you. Instead, be glad that you can trust Me and know that in everything there is a reason, and you are to believe in Me no matter if the plans, strategies, or tactics of warfare are changed.