Reality Revolution

I speak unto you this day and I say that multitudes of those who are Mine will not come into reality in their relationship with Me. This is because they have in their minds imaginations as to who and what I am. Therefore, they do not enter into the reality revolution that I intend for them. Because of their own delusions, they are wandering in confusion and unable to cope with their circumstances.

When this occurs, they at first will accuse those who have violated their fantasy of who and what I am. Then if they still refuse to face reality, they will begin to accuse Me, and all of this happens because they do not want to face up to reality revolution and enter into the same. When men and women are in reality revolution, they will not build up false images of who I am. Rather, they will follow My Spirit and see Me revealed.

I do not want people to end up destitute of Me because they were influenced by their own imaginations and expect Me to meet them in the same. The majority of those who are claiming to be My people are not following My Spirit. This is because they prefer to follow the delusions that are so commonplace in these times.

Because their minds and lives have been influenced by the world and those who represent ungodliness, they are not in reality in their relationship with Me. Instead, they are glad for the walls of religion to be around them and to have Me sealed in a box that denies the working of My Spirit in their lives.

Be aware that I will not fit in the boxes that religious systems have sought to encase Me in so that they maintain control rather than being controlled by My Spirit. When those who are declaring that they are Mine will choose what they assume to be the safety of their boxes, they will find that those very boxes will crush them if they grow beyond the box.

There are many in these times who have experienced being hurt and rejected by the church because they grew hungry for more of Me. However, instead of going beyond being wounded by the box churches, they grow disillusioned and disappointed and refuse to follow My Spirit. Then, because they will not follow My Spirit into the dimension of reality revolution, they pout and feel sorrow for their situation.

If they linger in the wallow of self-pity, the same becomes a trap. Caught in that trap, they become bitter and angry, ranting about what their particular church or denomination did to them. What they fail to see is that My Spirit is calling them out of the stale and limiting boxes they have been in and into deeper commitment and relationship to Me and My Son.

If you stop and consider, Jesus did not say to the Jewish people who listened to His teachings to remain in the hypocrisy of religion. He called them to “come and follow Him.” I do not want My people to be bitter against Me and therefore be justified because they were “hurt by the church.” No, I want them to follow My Spirit and find Me in the various ways I delight to reveal Myself to the ones who will follow the commands and dictates of the Spirit.

When the few who will become true disciples will hear the call that Jesus gave and still gives, they will leave the boxes of religion willingly and enter into reality revolution with gladness because they will partake of the energy the same. I do not want My people to live and die in religion; I want them to follow My Spirit and be the vessels I have called them to be.

Therefore, if you are faced with the hypocrisy of religion, realize that I do not want you to die spiritually because of that reality. I want My true ones to realize that I have plans that are far beyond the limitations of religion. The Jewish leaders who were present at the time of Jesus earthly pilgrimage were far from Me. In fact, they hated Me and had taken My people captive.

They had the people boxed up in religion and kept them there to provide for them. As leaders, they did not have relationship with Me, for they were liars and thieves who enjoyed the benefits of their so-called leadership. Know that I did not intend them to behave in such ways; they chose to do so because their hearts were hard and they were bitter against Me as sovereign.

Jesus gave a far more expanded ministry to His disciples, inasmuch as He told them to “go to all the world and preach the gospel.” He also told them that where people refused to hear the message He sent them to proclaim, they were to “shake the dust” and move on. He did not tell them to try and reason with those people to get them to change; He simply said to “shake the dust.”

When any religious church or meeting rejects the call of My Spirit, know that My true messengers are not meant to remain there and die with the twice dead. Rather, they are to leave behind those who want to remain in the boxes of religion and to follow the commands of the Spirit and move on to the multitudes who are eagerly awaiting the Good News.

Be thankful this day that you can “soldier up” and obey the commands given to you by the Spirit and not be taken in the trauma and drama brought on by stubbornness and rebellion against what I want. Believe Me, I have hopes for many, yet few there are who will hear the call and obey the same.

Those who choose to continue to remain in the boxes and fight a battle I do not want them in have taken on the stubbornness and rebellion of religion. I want the true ones to “shake the dust” and enter reality revolution.