Keep Yourselves in the Humility Mind

I speak unto you this day and I say: Keep yourselves in the humility mind before Me, that is, adhere to and trust in the mind that Jesus chose, that is, to be subject to Me as His Father and to be subject to the Spirit as His Guide. When those who are My people will choose to walk in humility before Me, then they will be kept in the peace and protection that I intend for them.

I do not want you to deviate from Me and go after the way of the foolish who are full of pride and self-idolatry. In these times, because of great advancements in technology, multitudes believe in themselves rather than Me, that is, they look to what they do and what others can do likewise. In such choices, they prove themselves to be utter and complete fools because they are headed down the road to their own sorrows.

I do not intend for people to be independent of Me and walking afar off from My desires for them. I did not create humanity for them to follow their own understanding, which is darkened, and to live in pride and contempt towards Me because of their false impressions of themselves. I want those who are claiming that they love Me to walk humbly before Me and to remain committed to Me as the One they love and want to please.

There is safety given to those who are willing to come into and remain in the humble mind that I desire of those who want to be near to Me. When pride is allowed to flourish, then delusion, deceit, and spiritual decay will be evidenced in the lives of believers. In fact, as pride remains in contempt towards Me, the believers who allow such to be present and listen to the boasting of pride will enter into an evil heart of unbelief.

Those who are still claiming to be believers in Me yet have grown hard of heart and stiff-necked through pride will treat Me with contempt because they are sure of themselves and have no respect for Me. Such ones, because of their own unbelief, will attempt to poison others with the same lack of faith that they are living in.

Be aware that carnality in anyone, if left in control, will take over the believer’s spiritual life and attempt to strangle the new life by any means that demons suggest. Those who are not in the humility mind of My Spirit will easily become prey to their own understanding, which is darkened by the demons who are suggesting and motivating the carnal minds of any who will listen to the same.

As those who want to be right and remain right, remember to humble yourselves unto Me and seek the mind of My Spirit to guide you forth in the way that is meant for you to walk in. Do not be hasty to reject the guidance that is always available to you and become self-confident. Those who are confident in themselves are confident in the arm of flesh because they are choosing to trust the carnal mind above the mind of My Spirit.

Be thankful this day that you are not meant to be subject to your carnal minds; you are meant to be subject to the mind of My Spirit. Do not be eager to estrange yourselves and believe the lies of demons that are ever present to lure and lead any and all they can away from Me.

The more that you are adhering to the mind of My Spirit, the more that you will understand how important it is to stay in humility and accept the truth with gladness and rejoicing. It is My desire that My people remain on fire for Me and My purposes. I do not want them to be locked into fear and failing to look to Me as the author and the finisher of their faith. Therefore be glad that I remain and that you can trust in Me.

As My people, I do not want to see you separated from Me through pride, for the same is abomination. Stop and consider in these times of profanity, profiteering, and pride, how many have identified themselves with one form of abomination or another and are spouting and declaring pride in their sins. Such behaviors are repulsive to Me, and when those who are meant to be true to Me are being swayed into such abominations as sympathizers, they are siding with sin rather than righteousness.

I do not want My people to collapse to the pressures of craziness and the declarations of proud fools. My people are not meant to take up the ways of the world, nor are they meant to be under the umbrellas of deception. My people are meant to be adhering to Me as the One they love and want to please at all times because I give to them My mercies. When you see the ones who are rejecting My mercies, know that they are by their choices entering into miseries that will not stop.

Needless to say, the world is in darkness that is ever increasing in these times of insanity and instability. Therefore, know how important it is that you keep low before Me and obey My Spirit’s commands to you at all times. Reality is that in the times of treachery and terror, My people are to remain secure and safe under the mind of My Spirit, and they are to walk humbly in the pathway provided.

You do not have to prove yourselves to people; you need only to be in right standing with Me. Remember I am the One who has called and chosen you, and it is Me you are meant to please and obey at all times. Do not be bowing to the times, to the world, to the flesh or the devil. The path is straight and narrow, and you will have My Spirit ever present with you in that path. The path of pride is delusional and brings doubt and unbelief.