Lazy Dogs, Demanding More and More

I speak unto you this day and I say that I am disgusted with those who claim to be shepherds over My people, yet they do not protect nor keep My sheep and My lambs, and they care not when the sheep become victims of wolves or lose My way and are lost in worldliness. They are not shepherds at all, for they are lazy dogs, lying and lolling around in slumber and paying no heed to the condition of My people.

Because these ones are caring only for their own gain, they do not adhere to what I desire for My people, and because of that, they prove to be utterly useless in My sight. Such ones as these are not true shepherds, for they do not care for My sheep or My lambs; they care only for themselves and their comforts and conveniences.

Literally, false shepherds are nothing more than religious criminals who are not keeping watch over My flock, for they are too busy watching their bank accounts and the news of the world. This they do out of pure profit motive, to see if there is some new angle they can use to extract more and more out of the ones they are meant to guide.

When ministers are living in pretension and falsehood, they are indeed a seedy lot because their hearts are far from Me. Sad to say, the majority who are involved in mainstream religion are busy at the business of profiteering off of My people. These ministers are not ministering My Word; they are teaching the people lies in hypocrisy because they are looking only for their own gain and their own fame.

While some of them are energetic to achieve their goals, their goals are to gain, gain, and gain not only fortunes, but fame as well. They are building their own houses. They are not concerned with being co-laborers in My kingdom purposes; they are intent on building their careers in religion. Know of a surety that I do not call people to such perversity and open defiance of Me. However, inasmuch as people are sheep, they are led there by the wicked pastors who captivate them with smooth words and worldliness.

In such times as you are in, reports are coming in daily of those who are shooting up churches and wounding and killing people. There have been some pastors who have been shot down, as well as the congregations. However, none stops to consider that I am disgusted with mainstream, money-grabbing religion whereby multitudes are functioning as sinners.

Those who are living in estrangement from My arrangement are a shame to My name because they have hardened their hearts and stiffened their necks, and they glisten with pride. My time to bring down such ones is NOW, as I am sending them messengers, calling them to repent, and if they do not, then I am the One who will devastate their great works by bringing them to open exposure and ridicule by the heathen media.

I would rather that such liars, cheaters, and deceivers see the error of their ways and turn from the same and come forth in Me. However, because of their own stubbornness, they will prove to be worthless for use in My kingdom, and fit only for hell and the everlasting burning in the agonies of the damned. I am not delighted to see men and women perish under the iniquity of their sins, yet they will, because their hearts are hard and they are far from Me.

Because of the infiltration of wicked leaders into many aspects of nations, such nations will collapse as they persist and insist on going in the way of the damned rather than the way of the redeemed. When those leaders who are supposedly representing Me in the business of religion are as wicked as the lunatic leaders in government, all that comes from the same is ruination, death, and damnation. When the nations that have known Me deviate from My way to take up what the devil and his demons offer to them, then collapse is inevitable.

Decay, degradation, debauchery, and deceit are common ways and acceptable to most in these reprobate times of separation from My desires and intentions for those who name My name. When those who are in religious leadership are lazy dogs, they will not contend for the faith, because they themselves are faithless.

When there is no salt, then people are taken in the rush of wickedness that corrupts everything in its path. My people are meant to be the salt and light to hold back the darkness and corruption, and when they stop, then of course, nations become totally corrupt, wicked, and headed to total destruction.

Remember it is Me the Living God who gives the call to My people to come out of the churches that are full of falsehood and lies lest they be partakers of the plagues. It is Me the Living God who releases the destroying plagues, and those who are intent on following deception will be devoured and destroyed.

Those who hear the call to vacate the whorehouses of religion and come unto Me in repentance will be spared. Most of the lazy dogs will be destroyed by their own appetites and lusts. When their exposure comes and is made public, they will no longer be able to manipulate and capitalize on the sheep.

Be aware that when I do the job, the results are according to My plan, and there is no nation or corporation or governmental organization that can stop Me. I am the One who remains supreme, and I am the One who will prove that My way is the way of eternal life. As the nations are taken down and the churches deteriorate from decay, the true believers will unite in My might.