If You Love Me, Then Obey

I speak unto you this day and I say: If you love Me, then obey My Holy Spirit commands that are given to you in order for you to come forth in the way that I intend for you to walk in. I do not want My people to be as those who are looking to have their way; I want My people to be looking to do things My way that they can be guided forth knowing that I am with them.

It is true that you are living in terrible, treacherous times when souls are perishing because of their sins. I do not want to see you be partakers of their sins and likewise perish. When people are living in estrangement from Me, they will find themselves unable to cope with what I intend because they are choosing to follow folly rather than walk in obedience with Me. Those who are rebelling against Me may believe that they gain from the same. They do not. All that they gain is their own troubles and sorrows, and such will be multiplied over and over because they are looking not to Me but to their own understanding.

When any people is found apart from Me, be aware that demons come in and flood them with all manner of delusions. If you stop and consider the bizarre and crazy things that people believe in and follow, they are blinded by demons and obeying the commands of death. I do not want those who claim to be following My Son to be under the commands of demons and likewise act out the same.

The reality of life is you have two choices: Me or the devil. Those who imagine that they can “do their own thing” are deceived by the devil and his demons to imagine that they are always right and that My way is wrong. If you stop and consider how ugly that is, do not follow such foolery, for by self-esteem and self-realization you are literally falling for the old tricks. Be aware that the devil does not dish up anything new; he just changes names and uses variations of the same old lies he has used to deceive since the Garden.

I do not want My people to be so spiritually slothful that they are lured into rebellion against Me by some current vogue or mode that they fall into. As those who are Mine, the expectation remains clear, for in obedience to Me is found My life. Such life as you will experience in obedience to Me is far above all other ways that people choose to live in apart from My way.

When people are in rebellion against Me, they become companions with demon spirits and receive the misery that accompanies such relationships. This is why when people willfully choose against Me, they are making a pact with the devil and the consequences of such will be bitter and not sweet.

I do not want you to be found in the bitterness of your own ways, because such is poisonous and spreads like a contagious disease to others. There is no reason to be poisoned by the bitter waters when you can live in obedience to My Spirit’s directives and drink of the waters of the River of Life.

You are living in times when the treacherous terrorists are believing themselves to be righteous, and the lunatic leaders are determined to bring ruination. Because of these powers, it becomes more and more evident how important it is to follow after My way and remain obedient to the Holy Spirit. If you stop and consider how privileged you are to follow Me, then you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that My way is perfect and there is no better way.

Thank Me that as My united believers, you can love one another and cherish the fellowship you have with each other as you are determined to keep true to Me and obey My desires for your lives. When you see the ones who claim to love Me yet they are following the trends of the world, know that they are walking in a dangerous pathway. Remember that all paths do not lead to Life. Rather, deviations from My path lead to death and damnation of soul.

Of course, the devil and his demons are very experienced at offering to people the broad way that leads to destruction. When people are following their own understanding, they will assume that such ways will lead them to fame and fortune, and they will live “happily ever after.” No, they will know misery on earth and the agonies of the damned in the hereafter.

Why is it that people would rather choose for deceit than truth? It is because their deeds are evil and they do not want their deeds to be exposed so that others see they are liars. However, no one is able to hide their sins from Me, for I see everything that people do and I judge them according to what they do, not what they say.

There are vast numbers of people who can speak great swelling words of love for Me, yet their lives do not reflect obedience to Me at all. In fact, their lives reflect the rebellion they choose, and by the same they lose out with Me and are taken captive by the demons who motivate them. They become slaves to the very sins they imagined they could stop at any time.

Without My Spirit’s guidance, many people become motivated, then they become captivated by dark spirits that will hold them bound and bring them ruination. I do not want you to perish in ruination; I want you to be found in celebration because you are serving Me and My intentions for your lives. It is by My mercies that you can come forth each day knowing that there is no other god you are meant to serve.

If you love Me truly and sincerely, then obey and find the goodness I have in store for you. Those who are in obedience to My Spirit are guided in the path of life, love, and light.