Are You Constipated or Consecrated?

I speak unto you this day and I ask you: Are you consecrated to Me as My people, or are you as the ones who have turned aside and are constipated on the overindulgence of the flesh? Be aware that I do not call you to be living as the heathen and overindulging in those things that are fleshly lusts and do nothing for your souls. In fact, the more that people attempt to satisfy themselves, the more that they will become unable to serve Me with all of their strength, because they have listened to demons rather than My Spirit.

Those who are claiming to be Christians are meant to follow in the steps of Jesus and do as He ordains for them through the commands given by the Holy Spirit. As those who are using His name are willing to live in consecration and dedication to Him, they will see that He provides for them the mercies that they need. However, those who have yielded to the fleshly lust have literally yielded to the things that will cause them to become deteriorated in their spiritual lives.

I absolutely do not want My people to be found living in the place of unbridled lust for the things that they imagine will satisfy their flesh. The truth is that flesh is a cruel and unruly master who is never satisfied, and those who are yielding themselves to the same will be in desolation and destitution of soul. Instead of seeking My counsel and guidance, they will pursue those things that they imagine they need, yet such will never give them satisfaction.

I do not want My people to live in misery because they are misguided by their own carnality and the demons that motivate them to sin. Rather, I want My people to be consecrated and dedicated to Me, for I am the One they are meant to serve with gladness and rejoicing each and every day. Anyone who looks at the fallen condition of the world can see that the lust for the fulfillment of fleshly desires is very high in these times, inasmuch as the world itself is being governed by lustful men and women who are never satisfied in their desires for power, fame, and fortune.

Such leaders are insane, and they likewise cause the covering over nations to be insanity and profanity as people are pursuing the lust of the flesh rather than learning to abide satisfied with what I give to them. These leaders are constipated with the overindulgent lifestyles they lead, and consequently, their health suffers and their hearts are overcharged with surfeiting and drunkenness.

I do not want My people to be found in such conditions of abandonment to the demons of lust in any form they may take. Rather, I want My people to pay heed to the admonition that Jesus gave when He commanded those listening to deny themselves, forsake all, and follow in His steps. He did not promise those who followed that they would have an indulgent and abundant life of luxurious living. Rather, He wanted His people to be in consecration and dedication to Him and to walk in His steps.

Be aware that as true believers and disciples of Christ, those who will literally take up the cross and follow Jesus do not waste their time on earth in attempting to gratify the lusts of your flesh, only to find themselves disappointed in the end. What I want of those who will prove to be true believers is the lifestyle of consecration to Me rather than the things of the world.

Do not be hasty to pursue worldliness and imagine that the same will prove to be so great. The truth is that the world does not lead anyone to anything except deception, delusion, confusion, and craziness. More and more people are committing bizarre and wicked crimes because they hear demonic voices telling them what to do. Inasmuch as they are not anchored in Jesus, they cannot resist and refuse such voices. This is because they are inhabited by demons, and they have no way to escape from those things that pursue them with wickedness and corruption.

Be thankful even this day that you can serve Me in the attitude of gratitude and know that I am the source who gives to you through the Holy Spirit guidance and commands the way of strength and safety. To be consecrated means that you are willing to accept the Holy Spirit’s directives and instructions for your lives. You are not found bound in the darkness that is so prevailing and invading in these times, giving way to demon voices and straying far from Me.

If you are willing to allow My Spirit to cleanse you, you will not be living in the constipation of carnality. Rather, you will be set free through the consecrated lifestyles I desire you to choose to live in. Be thankful even this day that you do not have to go in the way of liars and become losers by adhering to lies. Rejoice that you can walk in the truth, for My Spirit is given to guide you in the fullness and richness of truth. It is better to feed your spirit life than to feed the demonized life that will bring you to ruination and deterioration.

I do not want My people to end up as casualties in this war because they lose their consecration to Me and become deceived and deluded by their choices for the wicked world. Be aware that as you go through this earthly journey, you are to keep your consecration and dedication on Me and not give way and become easy prey for demons to devour you. Be glad that I am your safety and your strength physically and spiritually as you come forth in Me.