Liars and Loafers End as Losers

I speak unto you this day and I say that you are living in times when there are growing numbers of those who are liars, loafers, and losers. These ones are in every place, camped out wherever they can, and showing themselves to be utterly useless. Many of them, because of their belligerence, are bullies and are not willing to change or alter their lifestyles. These ones do not want to work nor conform to the ways that would alter their lifestyles. As permanency among them grows more and more evident, it is normal for them to live and die in the miseries they exist in.

Not all end in the conditions of destitution by choice. Some are the victims of corporation corruption and lose everything by one decision “at the top.” There is much corruption and planned destruction that happens every day as men, women, and children are poor overnight because corporations make decisions that ruin thousands of lives as heartless cuts are made.

The economic strategies at work in these times are cut-throat, hard, and heartless, and people are used, abused, and then conveniently done away with by the slashing hand of the leaders of merciless, rich corporations. While the little people are left to destitution and despair, the ones on top of it all congratulate themselves on their great strategies and decisions.

Considering the many powers that oppose the poor in these times of instability, indecency, and insanity, it is not surprising that the army of liars, loafers, and losers is swelling in ranks. All manner of unclean, hazardous, and even dangerous shelters are being erected, and sooner or later, the police come and raid and evict the squatters who have made the streets their homes. Then these wanderers find all the more reason to resist and to pursue another place to set up their squatter camps.

This is a tremendous social problem that people have hardened themselves against, because many of these lying, loafing, and losing people are miserable, and they are demanding of the working class whatever they can get. The sad fact of life is that no one knows when they could end up in such conditions themselves. In fact, there is no assurance nor insurance that can be bought that provides for those who are still found in the class of citizens who are working feverishly to keep themselves above the floods.

Needless to say, when the insanity of leadership only grows more and more incoherent, it becomes evident that far too many have developed the “future phobia syndrome.” In this widespread syndrome, people are not in post-traumatic stress; they are in pre-traumatic stress, and are oftentimes living in fear and dread every day because they do not depend on Me.

The only solution to the scenarios of tragedy, misery, and agony is for people to repent to Jesus and believe on Him as Savior and Lord. Yet, because of the growing hatred for Me and My people, the solution that is ever present is refused and rejected as though Jesus is an assassin determined to murder those who hear His call and obey.

What a tragedy that the very rope of hope is thrown to those drowning in the sea of iniquity and the same is rejected, and men, women, and children drown in the filthy waters of sin. The blatant refusal of the troubled to repent and return is symbolic of the insane covering that is over the land and literally causing people to become liars, loafers, and losers by the multitudes.

When there is no hope on the horizon, people easily succumb to the invitation to surrender to slothfulness when there is no gainful employment left to them as an option. Of course, the supposed compassion of the local, state, and national governments runs out when the funds are cut. At such times, the bureaucrats who were so willing to dole out monies are now scrambling for their own jobs. The instability of the government is obvious to all who have an eye to see.

Be thankful this day that you do not need to build your lives around your creature comforts and overindulgence in the lusts of the flesh. You are not intended to cater to your own lifestyle demands; you are meant to serve Me with gladness and rejoicing because I am the One you are to please. When any people realizes how privileged they are to be free of the penalty of their sins, they have nothing to complain about, because My mercies are present.

In these times, it is common for people to spend their days in hardship and misery, with no hope on the horizon. Then they become homeless and helpless as they join in the army of liars, loafers, and losers. Those who are My people are expected to look to Me and to know Me as their source, which means in essence that they will receive abundantly, for I will be ever present to provide for them at all times.

Do not by any means imagine that there is more to be achieved when you are deceived. Deception is the conception of demons, and those who willingly submit to the same are preparing themselves for damnation, for their deceptions will take them down the road to delusion, confusion, and madness.

As for those who are calling themselves Christians, they are to follow the example of Jesus and His disciples and to die out to their own fleshly lusts and to seek for My will in their lives. My people are not meant to believe the lies of lying demons, nor are they meant to complain and loaf, doing nothing.

This is because My people are given everything that they need to be winners, as they are no longer sinners, and can go forward in the way that I intend for them with rejoicing and praise because they are redeemed.