Stiff-Necked, Stubborn, and Stupid

I speak unto you this day and I say that you are living in a time, a generation when there are multitudes who are stiff-necked, stubborn, and stupid because they are proud and deceived by their pride. Whenever any people refuse to humble themselves and cry out to Me, they are the ones who make themselves miserable by their choices.

Know that I never intended for people to be in such conditions as they are in; it is they who put themselves there by the choices they make in opposition to Me. Be aware that there are hordes of demons that have been released upon humankind because they are refusing to come under My covering of protection and provision. As they are wise in their ignorance, or so they imagine, they are taken into captivity. Such demons as hold them in captivity instigate them to commit criminal acts against Me and My true people.

There is no reason for the world to be so self-destructing as it has become, other than such determination to self-destruct is the consequence of rebellion against Me. I have established basically the rules of conduct for people to live by, and when they openly rebel against such rules, they are inviting to themselves troubles they cannot control.

If you look at the world in these times, there are multitudes who are involved in such conduct as causes them to lose out with Me. Not only do they lose out with Me, but they prove through their stiff-necked and stubborn behaviors just how stupid they are.

I did not create men and women to live in rebellion and criticism against Me; I created humankind to be in fellowship and communication with Me every day of their lives. Yet, because of sin, people have hardened their hearts and chosen to follow after folly and the indecency and insanity that are found increasing daily. When such ones as these will stand before Me, they will find that I do not approve them in their madness and that the same will bring them sadness.

I do not call people to live under the control of demon spirits. However, they are there because they are stubbornly resisting and refusing the Holy Spirit. Stop and consider: When people are choosing in opposition to My Spirit, then they are choosing the foolery of demonic control over their lives, which brings them into subjection to demons rather than to Me the Living God.

As the ones who desire to be faithful and true to Me and the standards of conduct I desire, learn to fight against demon powers. Do not put yourselves in the position to be listening to demons, for the same will bring you down and devastate you. There is no reason to listen to the very voices that want to entice and enchant you into the way of destruction and damnation of soul.

My desire for those who are choosing Me is that they continue steadfast and do not deviate to take up the modes of the times, which are wicked and will cause them much suffering. Of course there is suffering in human existence, but there is no reason to invite the same to come in and multiply in anyone’s life. So many are suffering unnecessarily because they are listening to the voices of demons rather than the voice of My Holy Spirit.

If you stop and consider the calamities that are causing so much suffering to humanity in these times, such could be stopped if people were to listen to My instructions as given through the Holy Spirit. However, because of the leadership over nations, people follow along and take no thought for tomorrow. That is, because the leaders are insane and making despotic and erratic decisions, those they rule over do the same, and the world continues on the course of self-destruction.

Therefore remember this: I do not want you to be involved with those who have corrupted themselves by listening to and obeying demons. I want you to pay heed to My Spirit, for the same will lead and guide you into all truth, and you will be made strong as you live in truth rather than lies. Whenever people choose for Me and keep their covenants to Me, they will not be ashamed. Rather, they will be uplifted, directed, and guided forth in My way.

I do not want My people to be needlessly devoured and destroyed, for they are not meant to give in to the enticements and enchantments that end in death and damnation. My people are intended to continue in the way of salvation and remain true to Me. When they are in obedience to the commands and directives of My Spirit, they will not be made ashamed. Rather, they will be uplifted, strengthened, and directed in life.

Why not be coming forth each day in the life, the love, and the light that are available to those who choose to win, not lose? It is senseless to live life upon this earth and face the traumas and dramas of the same, then end up in hell and the agonies of the damned forever.

Consider that you have but one life to live, and it is imperative and important that you choose to live for Me and My kingdom, that you will be received when you die into the heavenly abodes wherein I am found. Be glad that you can live your lives in giving Me thanks and praise as you learn of My ways and become fully aware of the goodness that I give to My people.

There is nothing to be found in the way of deceit except disappointment, disgust, and depression. Those who choose deception will end in the damnation of the same. Those who choose truth will receive the abundance of goodness and the joy of salvation, both now and forever. This is the reality: there are two choices—one for life, the other for death.