Worship Me and Be Strong

I speak unto you this day and I say that when you are worshiping Me, then it is Me who will make you strong by My power. If you choose to turn aside from Me and take up idols, then you are defeated by your own choices for defeat.

I do not desire that My people would play the whore on Me and fall down before dumb idols and call such their gods. In fact, any people who will take up worldliness are found wicked and evil before Me because their hearts have grown hard, and their deeds are evil.

I the Living God am jealous, and when nations have known Me and walked according to My standards then they abandon Me for the ways of the heathen, they become cursed and are vile in My sight. No longer do I stand with them, and they lose their strength. As deterioration sets in, so do such nations become weaker and weaker, and unable to defend themselves against inward and outward enemies.

If you stop and consider, you are living in such times, and the floods of evil and wickedness are going forth throughout the earth. While men and women see themselves as computer experts and trust in their technology, they are trusting in lies. Many of the so-called advancements that have been made in the guise of progress only take people farther and farther from Me. Then such ones end in the distress and disappointment of their own understanding, and they are counted as fools before Me.

I do not call people to trust in technology; I call them to trust in Me, for I am the One who has created them for My purposes and not the purposes of demons. When people turn aside from Me and take up idols, they are deceived by their choices and led around by demon spirits, only to end in depression, despair, and destitution of soul. In such conditions, they become perfect candidates for hell and the agonies of the damned.

Reality is that whenever any people worship idols, they are cursed and will suffer the consequences of worshiping dead gods. I never intended, nor do I intend now for people to be enthralled with those crafty inventions that have been brought forth to separate people from Me as their Creator.

If you stop and consider that I am the potter and people are the clay, then they are meant to be molded by My hands, not the hands of demonically inspired fools. However, when people allow themselves to be led astray, they will go out of their ways to partake of the darkness and iniquity that evidences and enchants many into the webs of deception.

It is true that this is a time when the mainstream is claiming to be more advanced than at any other time in history, yet the truth is that people have become dumb through idolatry. Be alert to the fact that the devil and his demons are ever on the prowl, and those who want to pretend that life is just one big party are grossly deceived and headed to their own destruction.

I do not by any means call you to be found in the company of the damned and partaking of their idols. Rather, I call you to come forth knowing of a surety that I am the One True God who remains long after people are dead and gone. Therefore, do not be enticed away from Me and go in the way of fools, for I want you to be a people who are strong and able to remain true to Me in this adulterous generation.

Inasmuch as this is My time to pour forth both in mercy and in misery, why take up the cup of the heathen and be made miserable by the same? This is the time for those who remain true to Me to see Me move in the manifestations of My Spirit and to drink fully of the pure waters I provide.

Therefore be aware that each day you are making choices that will prove to be for the good, or for evil. I do not want you to be involved with evil; I want you to be coming forth knowing that My way is shown to you daily by the Holy Spirit who has been given to guide you.

Therefore do not grow weary in well doing, but know that as you stay faithful to Me, I will give to you My strength, and you will be able to endure until the end, which means in essence that you will be made strong and able to do exploits, because it is Me that you are relying on and trusting in.

Be thankful that you can walk uprightly in Me each and every day, because I will not forsake you nor will I leave you as you are serving Me. I am true to those who are true to Me, and I will give to them such as they need in order to be uplifted, guided and given all they need to do My will. Do not look at the evil in this world and think that you must try the same. You are not intended to become worldly; you are to remain godly.

As you are serving Me in the attitude of gratitude, you will find less and less to complain about, because you are aware that I have you in mind as the ones that I love and care for. There are good things on the horizon for My true ones, and I will reveal My intentions to them. They shall know that it is Me the Living God who is showing who I am in these darkened times of idolatry and insanity.

Believe Me, there are lots of people who, while they may see themselves as experts in their capabilities, are being deceived by demons and are merely technocratic puppets who trust computers as their gods. Computers and technology do not save people, nor do they guide them in My way.

When men and women are trusting in the crafty inventions of idolatry, they are cursed by their choices, and they suffer the consequences of the same. When any people have “outgrown Me,” they have given up their chances of salvation and take up by their choices the way of damnation.